So happy to be reviewing another year and also offering a free sample of journal pages you can print off if you would like to do the same.

Another fabulous year goes by! I am excited for new projects to come (all about color, more on that soon!) to let go of some programs (I will be running Big Dreams, Small Wonders for the last time in 2015) and also to continue to decorate my apartment to make it into more of a home.

During these quiet moments every year as the new year is gently approaching, I spend some time reviewing all that the year has brought me. It is a wonderful time to reflect and say goodbye to the year, celebrating all that has happened and going into a fresh new year with bigger dreams, a sense of peace and adventure for what lays ahead.

The highs, the lows, lessons learned, successes, huge changes and anything I can think of to release any negative energy and celebrate the successes. It is such a valuable exercise to go through even if there have been challenges and upsetting experiences.

When I look at my 2014 vision board below, I can see all my dreams and hopes for this last year come to fruition and I want to continue many of these into 2015 also. My vision board for 2014 oozed the theme of how I want to feel, and it is so fantastic to see many of the items on there come to fruition too! {I’ll be posting my new visionboard for 2015 in mid-late January}.

Below is my 2014 visionboard which I created in January 2014

visionboard 2014 goals, dreams


A Year in Images

Please join me in celebrating 2014. Below is a summary of what I am celebrating and reflecting on from this year. What were your highlights from 2014?


visionboard 2014 goals, dreams eventhecloudswereinlove wip_collagehorizonalfull600pxl Big Dreams Small Wonders

January was all about cleaning up after I had my building work done! I had a new mezzanine built in my roof which was to become my bedroom so I could create a new art studio! I had fun as new work emerged in my new studio. I also gathered new friends together to create our visionboards and looked up one-day to see a heart cloud in the sky – AMAZING!

Other Small Wonders included: Running the 2014 session of “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” to help others kick start the year. I also created lots in my 2014 journal including Intention statement cards, letting go,


mondaymandala_button600pxls fromthestudio_mainimage connection_wordoftheyear2014_600pxls+tag rainbow, paint, mixed media, colour, color

February – I celebrated a year in Spain. Kick started Monday Mandala  I recorded my first ‘from the studio‘ video. I came up with my word of the year which was ‘connection’ and also doodled my 2014 dreams. I also ran another fabulous ‘Creative Color Energy’ class.

Other Small Wonders included: Waking up to see the ocean everyday {and it’s changeable ways!}, Exploring the beach, grounding myself in nature everyday


Free mandala class part 3 food vegetables & stamping Heart Chakra mandala start to finish fromthestudio_march14 hibiscussketchcr600pxl

March – I offered a 5 part free mandala class on my blog, I finished another mandala painting as part of my mixed media mandala series, wrote and recorded more nature audio poems, and started to add more sketches to my nature/mandala journal I also painted a mural at the Hostal Plaza in San Pedro (watch the video here!

Other Small Wonders included: Writing/recording video for my upcoming mandala online class!


sunset Mandala work in progress mondaymandala_petals Flower of Life mandala Mixed media

April was all about hosting my first Mixed Media Mandala online class and creating more paintings! I created one with nature inspired by sunsets here, and one based on the Flower of Life here. I also spent time on my Monday Mandala practice being inspired by Petals, by lavender, sea urchins and red cabbage. I also started up a new creative challenge on the Creative Costa blog and recorded an extended “from the studio” video

Other Small Wonders included: Enjoying the space in my studio


costawomenhangout 4fromthestudio sunsets Joy Life Sparkle Weekend May 2014

May, I was interviewed about Creative Costa by Costa Women here, recorded a video in the uk showing my handmade book, started the monthly challenges, was inspired by apples for Monday Mandala

Other Small Wonders included: Visiting friends and family in the UK. Hosting a Life Sparkle retreat weekend.


naturetrailsketchbook 92&93.MOYO_ISSUE-6_COLOUR-STORIES_KC_550PX_LR mandala&stampsCR watercolourfbpost

June was all about sketchbooks, nature and running my new Nature Trail Sketchbook online class. My orange color stories feature was published in Moyo Magazine, I carved out and made my own rubber stamps here, I also painted new watercolor paintings and sold products on my Society6 shop.

Other Small Wonders included: Going to pottery class (photos on my fb page here), having my friend Helen come and stay and my mum too for her birthday! I also started at the gym kickboxing.


Nature Trail Sketchbook Collections © watercolourvideoscreen Desha peacock book Paint Mojo Tracy Verdugo book_cover

July, was a time to sit back, relax a little, so i spent time on the beach, nature collecting and drawing/painting in my sketchbook (click here for the video). I was also VERY happy to be published in two books! YAY! One was Desha Peacocks beautiful book “Create the Style you Crave.…” and one in Tracy’s Verdugo’s fun Paint Mojo book!

Other Small Wonders included: Designing and launching 2 websites for Hostal Plaza in San Pedro and Mei Flynn Health & Wellness. AND signing up to officially work towards a Color Therapy qualification.


Louise&Tracy_elephantpark Altered Book beginnings ©Louise Gale Kites in the sky Praying on the beach in Bali

August was all about BALI! WOOHOO! I spent a whole month with my dear friend Tracy Verdugo. Here is part 1 blog post, followed by altered book in progress and kites. I also posted many images on my Instagram account here (just find August!)


LouisepaintingBali©LouiseGaleTracyVerdugo Buddha on easel in progress ©LouiseGale offeringFrang_600 PoolreflectionBali_©LouiseGale

September I spent reflecting on my time in Bali and writing about my painting process whilst there. Here is painting process no1 the Tropical garden and no2 which was the buddha fountain. a Color Story from Bali and some reflections of my time in Bali here.

Other Small Wonders included: I also got settled back in Spain and ran another Creative Color Energy class!


showacseimagepart1 showacseimagepart2 showacseimagepart3 Mixed Media Mandala ecourse button

In October, I ran another wonderful mandala class and featured many of my students on the blog. Part 1 was all about doodles, part 2 about collage and part 3 all about the final paintings.

Other Small Wonders Included: I partnered with Mei Flynn here in Spain to run a joint workshop on affirmations and book making and attended the International Womens Day event with Costa Women. Celebrating one of my best friends 40th birthday.


marrakesh creative getaway MOYO_ISSUE-7_COLOUR-STORIES_P1&P2_550PX_LR MoroccoJournal_doorspreadforweb_©LouiseGale louise&work

November, I was lucky enough to see one of the items on my visionboard come true! A trip to Morocco! It was so wonderful to take time out and enjoy the sites and culture. Here is a blog post on how it all came about and again lots of photos on Instagram for November! I was published my violet color stories in Moyo Magazine and hosted a party for my Mixed Media Mandala Art exhibit in Estepona.

Other Small Wonders Included: Celebrating my nephews 2nd birthday and creating some color stories from a couple of my Morocco photos. Blue doors here and lanterns here


Mandalapaintingsatlongmans coloroftheyear2015_colourstories_700pxls christmasishere ayearofcolorbutton650

December! I celebrated having cards and mini mandala paintings at a local art, book & craft store in Estepona. Wrote about the color of the year, a little festive poem AND will be announcing my new project (more info coming on 30 December) which is “Create Your Own Color Story” a new website all about the energy of color. You can sign up NOW to the free ‘year of color’ here

Other Small Wonders included: Designed and launched a new website for Vida Natural Skincare. Christmas get together’s and spending Christmas in the UK with family.

What an amazing year it’s been, I am so grateful for all the experiences and people I have met along the way. Thank you to you all for continuing to visit me here and I look forward to hearing some of your highlights too.

Much love and all the best for 2015!

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