My lovely friend Jennifer Belthoff asked me to participate in a little virtual weekly blog hop.  This is something quite different to my Monday posts so I was delighted with the opportunity to take some time out to ponder the questions asked of me. You can see Jennifer’s response to the same questions here, and at the bottom of this post you will find links to three other dear blogging friends of mine who will be posting their responses next Monday May 12th.

So here goes, grab yourself a cuppa and I hope this gives a little more insight to some of the areas I am focusing on presently.


1. What am I working on? 

My creative passions in life are colour, nature and mixed media, so almost everything I focus on is related to these lovely areas. I love to create online classes and programs and am currently building up a wonderful selection of offerings which encompass all the areas I am passionate about. Sharing our passions with the world is so important and the classes will offer doses of inspiration for beginners up to longer programs that cover more techniques and theory.

sunset Mandala work in progress

Now I am settled in Spain with my new art studio space, I am also working on a new body of artwork. I am almost finished with my Mixed Media Mandala series {I am also finishing up running an online class with the same name} and am excited to get started on a new summer project which is the “Nature Trail Sketchbook” – I just launched registration for that yesterday here. Below is the video about the class. I will also be teaching aspects of this class at the “Sacred marks” Bali retreat with lovely artist Tracy Verdugo this coming August.

My word and theme of the year is “CONNECTION” so I have also been working on a couple of projects locally and online to live that more fully. I wrote about my word of the year here. Connecting with myself through slowing down, taking walks in nature and creating was my main focus and my daily routine of walking on the beach is the most wonderful way to begin the day.

I recently started an initiative here in Spain called “Creative Costa” to help connect all things creative along the coast and plan to provide more opportunities for creatives to meet up. I also started a facebook group called “Creative Costa Inspired” which is a monthly creative challenge inspired by images from the area  I live on the Costa del Sol. This month, we are inspired by sunsets so am excited to see what beautiful work emerges from that group.

Below is a video from a recent interview with Costa Women about the Creative Costa initiative.

I am constantly creating and being inspired so all of these lovely projects are what I am focusing on currently this year with more to come after I return from Bali in September.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

I feel like my work is unique because it is based on all the experiences and ingredients from my life so far in this beautiful world. 🙂 We all have something special and unique to offer the world. I believe that many of us are focusing on the same goal –  to feel joy and to spread joy and this will overlap genres, so although I believe my work differs in content and delivery, the purpose and passion behind it comes from a collective consciousness of creative souls out there!

I am constantly drawn towards nature, colour and mixed media and love to explore these through the creative process. I see connections in everything and when I offer any of my online classes, I combine all the lessons and content in ways that reflect how I see the world, my unique view. I hope that I touch a few with what I have to offer so that they are inspired to be more creative and to do something they love every day.


3. Why do I write/create what I do? 

Creativity is a way of life. Something I do every single day. It is all about feeling and spreading positive energy. When I create, I know how good it makes me feel and I would love to invite and inspire others to radiate this same energy.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?

I sometimes find I have an overload of ideas and want to put them out into the world all at once! I truly believe that being creative does mean, you are constantly generating ideas and being inspired every moment of the day, so finding time to slow down, relax and be in the moment is very important. I spend alot of time in nature, I spend alot of time observing and taking in my surroundings, listening. I keep a journal full of sketches, ideas and notes of projects I would like to pursue at some point and often find myself reflecting and checking in with myself throughout the day. I also try and take a walk on the beach every morning which is a wonderful way to set an intention for the day ahead.

Thanks so much for reading everyone, have a beautiful week ahead!



Next week the blog hop will move over to these three lovely ladies, so please be sure to pop back and visit them next Monday 12th May.


Lee Clements

Lee is an artist, a bookkeeper, a wife and mother living in Melbourne, Australia. She is a seeker of all things creative, beautiful and joyful. She believes that life is to be lived passionately and enthusiastically. Lee is a bookkeeper by day and an artist at night and weekends, teaching monthly art journal classes at a local scrapbook shop. She is always striving for that balance between work, art, play and spiritual practice.

I am a student, constantly eager to learn. I love meditation and learning all about metaphysical and spiritual practices that can help my soul’s growth and understanding.

Connect with Lee here: Blog

Jane Hinchliffe

Jane lives in the UK in a small village – right at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, near the town of Harrogate.  She thinks it just might be the place she dreamt of as a little girl – its beautiful… Jane’s artwork stems from a place of joy. She loves vibrant colour, texture and nature in its many forms.  Many of her pieces also include heart-felt words of comfort and inspiration.  Jane also loves to paint stylised women that reflect the mystery of the feminine. Jane enjoys coaching women who wish to embrace their passions (for a profit).

Connect with Jane here: Website

Sandie Cottee

Sandie works full time as a nurse but creativity is her way of life.   A balance of work & play is really important and a few hours creating can put her world to rights.  Sandie would describe her style as eclectic, she love paper, multimedia and textiles as well as trying out new ideas.  She is passionate about photography and journaling, and her main love is handmade books.  She has a campervan and although space is small Sandie always packs creative projects that she is working on. Sandie loves teaching and sharing what she does, evident by home educating her own children. She has been invited to run classes by two friends who run regular groups, and recently had her first stand at a local Book Art Fair.

 Connect with Sandie here: Blog