I had so many lovely emails from you all about my “from the studio” video, asking about the mixed media mandalas class that I decided my “Monday Mandala” practice from 2013 was one that I was being called to invite back and explore further. So thank you so much everyone for your words of encouragement and interest in these.

Also a huge thank you to everyone who signed up yesterday when I opened registration for the ‘Mixed Media Mandalas’ class, I am so excited to be exploring mandalas in our universe with you all and creating our very own Mixed Media Mandala as part of class. If you have not yet seen this brand new {nothing else out there like this!} class, please take a look here. I hope you will join us.

Nature mandala, sacred circles nature mandala, watercolour, watercolor, hibiscus mandalaSQ_600pxls full moon mandala

Doodling, creating or drawing mandala’s are a wonderful way to start the day. In the warmer months here, I would go down to the beach just before sunrise and draw myself a morning mandala in my sketchbook. {I showed you some of these in my ‘from the studio’ video} Doodling and sticking my feet into the sand would be my way of meditating into the day and setting my intention.  There is also something so satisfying in seeing a mandala emerge on the paper intuitively as the sun is rising above that ocean.


A morning mandala from November 2013 before I left for my long NYC and UK trip.

Lots of lovely creative kindreds out there create mandalas as a regular practice and there are so many ways to approach this that I also wanted to offer some inspiration of my own to you from my perspective.

I have had a secret obsession for crop circles, sacred geometry, constellations, the zodiac and universal patterns in nature for a very long time. I have kept it to myself like a precious gift and have been contemplating it, translating it. I am so happy to be in my creative flow with what this all means to me and am excited to start to share how I see the world through some creative interpretation. I see mandalas everywhere and I hope to inspire you to look at the world a little differently and share your experiences. I hope to spark some of that creative expression we all have deep inside and the knowing that we are all connected to these sacred circles in many ways. Did you know my studio name “Flower of Life” is also deeply connected to all of this?

So I thought it would be wonderful to also offer a mini series on creating mandalas on the blog so I can share a little sneak peek into the deep dive we will be taking in the new “Mixed Media Mandala” class. In this free blog series, I will touch upon doodling a mandala, patterns in nature through the macro lens, mandala mantras, patterns in our planets and drawing a sacred geometry pattern mandala. This is just a teeny tiny aspect of what we will be exploring in class.

As always, I hope to inspire and connect with you all through this beautiful practice.

redpages&mandala600pxls Red mandala freestyle Full corn moon mandala dreamboard img_0753_500pxlshigh

 A few of my sketches, paintings and collages in mandala form


I hope you will join me to explore these wonderful sacred circles and have some fun! I would love everyone to take something away from this, either from the free class & inspiration on the blog to creating masterpieces to hang on the wall from what you learn in the paid course.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you fun and discovery in your creative explorations.