intention cards ©Louise GaleWe are approaching week 3 of “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” and it never ceases to amaze me on how wonderful this process is (if i do say so myself!)

In the last couple of  weeks, I have been slowly easing into 2014 and this week we will be visioning and really starting to dive into our 2014.

So I decided to create some cards to put up on my ‘still very bare studio wall.’ {which I hope to paint v soon!} I plan to add and update these cards throughout the year.

We spent some time in the “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” class also creating these to look at as we work through the remaining program. Having these positive intentions and statements on the wall will be so valuable.

I created these cards by using some of the journal backgrounds I created as part of the class. In the video below, I turn them into little cards to paste into my journal or put onto the wall – somewhere to look at every single day or revisit when needed.

Intention statement cards {creative fun} #vision2014 #bigdreamssmallwondersCards placed in my 2014 journal

I found this sun shaped cardholder in a charity shop in the UK just after the holidays and thought it would be perfect to hold some messages, cards and inspirational words for the year ahead, so decided to put this onto the wall in my studio for now.

Intention statement cards {creative fun} #vision2014 #bigdreamssmallwondersYou can also make your own wall hanging with some string and pegs, pin to a board or paste into your journal.

A few of my statements are:

“I am brave”

“It’s my time”

“Trust the process”

“I will have an amazing 2014”

“I am intuitive”


What are some of the statements you would like to include?

I made a little video showing you some of mine here.