Hi everyone, this morning I was in my studio painting away, when I decided to create this very first “from the studio” video. I felt inspired to just ‘do it’ and turn the camera onto my face rather than the studio table! So yes warts and all going on here, but sometimes if you think about something too much, you can talk yourself out of it. 🙂

When I celebrated my first year of being here in Spain, I realized just how little I had blogged about my explorations, inspiration and creative adventures since arriving in this new life! So now I am settled, I feel the time is perfect to share lots more about some of my creative processes, where I find inspiration, colors and patterns in the local area and have fun sharing some of the things I am working on.

I hope to inspire you in your own creative adventures and connect more with all the lovely creative kindreds out there.

In this first video I share:

  • Introduction to the “from the studio” series
  • What is inspiring me this month and showing you some items
  • Sketches of mandalas
  • Some mixed media mandala works in progress for my upcoming exhibition
  • What’s behind me on the wall!

In the video I mention the following so here are the links if you would like to learn more:

The new studio!

So now I have a dedicated space for my studio, YAY! Bedroom which is now in the roof is still a work in progress with a plan to paint and decorate and buy a new bed (in a few months time!) Here is a before and after of the bedroom space. (A little embarrassed to show it just now as there is alot to do before it is finished!). My living room and balcony which are on the other side of the building are getting there also, so will share progress over the coming months.

mezzbefore_500high bedroomview_500pxls studiofromabove500pxls

Below is a little piccie of the studio so far. Still LOTS to do in terms of paint the walls and sort the storage and furniture, however most supplies now have a little home and I am not falling over boxes, covered in dust anymore! So yes it is all still a work in progress!


Thanks so much for watching and joining me for the first “from the studio”.

I look forward to sharing more creative projects and showing you some of the inspiration and beauty we have here in Spain. Until next time. xxx

So what is inspiring you this month? 

What would you like to create?