Every year, during this time, I go through the wonderful process of letting go (and celebrating the previous year), writing a letter to 2014, visioning and planning the year ahead and recording my small wonders as each month unfolds.

This year I wanted to share my 2014 journal on my blog as it unfolds so here it is at the beginning. 🙂 I have temporarily added in the tabs already for each of the main sections (as we go through in class) and at the back will be a calendar to track my focus and small wonders for each month.

I usually track much of this electronically or on sheets from my workbook and planner which I then fasten together, so it is a joy to use this brand new sketchbook to create this physical journal this year, full of color, pattern and incorporating journal exercises, worksheets and lots more into it!

Tabs for the journal. My 2014 journal emerging #bigdreamssmallwonders #vision2014

We have been creating some beautiful journal pages and constructing our own individual journals along with working through the exercises in the online class, so I cannot wait to showcase some of the beautiful work emerging.

color & pattern My 2014 journal emerging #bigdreamssmallwonders #vision2014

I have been adding ‘tips’ to the edges of the pages with some beloved washitape! These are pages I have already worked on to add color and pattern as I move through the visual journal. I love how this looks.

I feel like I have experienced so much in the last few years and that I am living my dream life. (Thanks to also working through my own ‘Big Dreams, Small Wonders” program each year for the last 3 years!)

So my visual journal this year is all about doing more of what I love on a daily basis, more self-care, learning new things (Spanish and a musical instrument is on the list) and reconnecting back to me. Oooo yes I think my word of the year for 2014 is starting to emerge.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon on the beach, watching the ocean, contemplating life, writing poems and collecting shells in my sock. The feelings I felt – barefoot in the sand, the sound of the ocean, exploring and finding little treasures hidden in the sand is how I want to feel everyday. I feel to fortunate to have created this life for myself by the ocean.


What is your 2014 journal shaping up to be full of?

There is still time to join me and the creative souls taking the “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” program or you can instantly download the 2014 Workbook and Planner to get started. I also have the fabulous “Spring Clean Your Life” e-book which helps you clear clutter and restore balance in every area of your life over 21 days or less.