Arriving in Spain and enjoying a welcome lunch on my first day.

Today, February 1st marks the day I flew into Spain one year ago to start this new life. What a year it has been! That first week was so lovely settling in, easing in and I feel like this past month has also been all about easing into the year.ย  2013 certainly flew by!

So many things made me smile during this first year and here are just 30 ish….! Yes it was tricky to condense down to just 30! ๐Ÿ™‚


Visiting the garden center often just to say hi to the flowers



An abundant balcony full of life!


This AMAZING view

IMG_3236 helen&daisy kate&charlottevisit

Lovely friends who traveled from New York Australia, UK and France to visit


Mum who have came to visit for Mothers day (& it rained for the whole week!) LOL


Sunsets to die for


Hearts in the clouds


and AGAIN!

heartstone heartshell600pxls heartstoneinhand600pxls heartstone2_600pxls

Of course, lots of heart stones and shells

nature gathering from found objects

ย and other natural treasures!

Mandala nature, sacred circle, flowers, leaves,

Making nature mandala offerings back to the earth

love sign, wooden, nature, art, creative, found objects,

Creating nature art for my living room from found objects


Spending the weekend in Jerez with my bestie for my birthday and seeing these awesome patterns


Finally getting my kitchen fitted!


A random TV ariel the tv men ‘found’ rolling around on the roof and decided to put it on a balcony instead!


Upside down on the bus!


The moon – and did I mention my view ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sweeping the balcony with heart


Yoga at the beach bar


Full moon wishes from Louise Gale on Vimeo.

Full moon parties on the beach, letting off lanterns with wishes out into the world.



Sunrise from the studio

Grounding – a short poem video meditation from Louise Gale on Vimeo.

Writing a poem during sunrise on the beach


Lots of grounding and earthing

Did I mention my view ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is the view from my balcony (on the west side) of Gibraltar rock and on a good day, Morocco!


My new studio space (tidy at last!)


Sacred mornings like this one.


and this one, so calm and beautiful.


painting on the beach


Happy Hour at the beach bar with smiley star fruit


Sand sculptures


Orange trees EVERYWHERE in Estepona (the orange blossom smells amazing!)


Having boiled sweets thrown at us at the Three Kings Festival (Jan 6th)


Being invited to a Friday painting lunch by the ocean by some lovely ladies.

esteponarainbowJan14_600pxs esteponarainbow2Jan14_600pxs

Full rainbows over the mountains


and….today deciding to try out this cafe we have been passing for many months and finally stopping there for a coffee (and a naughty chocolate treat!), then being invited to show my art work there in March! A serendipitous meeting in deed.

I cannot wait for year 2!


Looking back, I realised how little I shared here on the blog about #lifeinspain, so one of my goals for this year is to share more for my own journal as well as show you a few little snippets which I hope will inspire you as I am inspired every single day.

Until next time. xxx