My “Word of the Year” 2014journal page “CONNECTION”

It is wonderful to see more and more kindreds out there deciding on a focus and word for the year ahead. In the past few years I have dived into the year and chosen my word within the first week of January, but this year I decided to ease in gently, connect with myself more fully before really deciding. For a while I thought my word would be ease. Perhaps it is still there. 🙂

I also decided to work alongside everyone in the  “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” program and this week we are setting goals and a focus for our year ahead. As I started to ask some of the key questions I ask the participants, it came to me “CONNECTION” This is what my word means to me this year…..

Connection to self

To continue my own journey with grounding (my word from 2013), centering and connecting to myself. Since training as a Life Coach in 2011/2012, I have been on an amazing discovery of myself, which has changed my life. So, connecting to myself more fully through meditation, slowing down, not overloading myself! is a key focus.

Connection to nature

Grounding and earthing has set me on a path to be closer to nature. Living by the ocean fills my soul with beauty everyday. Being in nature is a daily practice and goal for the rest of my days.

Connection to a local art community

I would love to connect to local community here in the Estepona area. I hosted a small Visionboarding party at my home last weekend (more on my visionboard this week) and that has started me thinking about how to continue a creative circle for this year and beyond. I also have an art showing booked for March/April so I look forward to seeing what opportunities may arise.

Connection to a virtual art community

I feel like I would like to cultivate more of an online art community somehow so am planning on taking a few more online classes this year to learn and meet some more kindreds.

Connection {& collaboration} with other creative kindreds

I feel excited to be open to working with others this year. I already have lovely retreats booked with Lara Young from Design your Fabulous Future to run ‘Life Sparkle” weekends in May (and September), then a gorgeous “Sacred Marks” retreat in Bali with artist Tracy Verdugo in August. I also have an opportunity to work with another wonderful kindred on a collaborate ecourse so that is in it’s “working it all out” phase at the moment.


If you have been consciously picking a word for the year for a few years, do you see the journey you are taking? I certainly do.

Last year, my word was”Grounding” and I included this journal page from last year below in my 2014 journal to honor it’s presence in my life as I do see it being a big part of 2014 also. This was the strongest I have ever felt to a word of the year and to be honest I was a little reluctant to let it go (which I think is partly why I have taken longer to decide on my 2014 word) so I am including it in the connection theme for this year.


In 2012, my word was ‘flourish’ which was all about flourishing in the world of design and art – finding what really made me bloom. 2011 was “Stretch” & “cultivate”, which encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone but also cultivating what I knew was working in my new life. Then at the very beginning in 2010, my word was leap fearlessly! which I did when I quit my corporate job in May 2010.

This week we are setting goals in “Big Dreams, Small Wonders”, so I am looking forward to putting some structure to my year ahead and planning some more “Small Wonders” to celebrate for 2014.

Do have a word for the year? I would love to hear yours and the thoughts behind it.

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