Join the Global heArt Swap: Send and Receive art from the heart from around the world

We host Global Art Swaps 3-4 times a year

Next heART Swap: MAY 2024

Your heART really does make a difference and receiving a gorgeous postcard through the mail makes even more of a difference to each and every person in our creative community who join the swap.

heART exchange is a global art swap to create, share & receive LOVE in the form of gorgeous pieces of postcard sized artworks. Each person who joins the swap is given 3 people to send their creations to and the only rule, is that you create with your heart open and include a positive note for the recipients on the back of your postcard or as a little love note inside.

Here are some of the BEAUTIFUL heART energy pieces of art that have traveled around the world since we started in 2011. We have had ceramics, paintings, sewn items, collage and lots more exchanged. heartxchange

Your host

The exchange is hosted by Louise Gale and was started in 2011. “Giving and receiving is the constant flow of energy for our heart and what better way than to create, send and receive something beautiful and hand-made through your letter box. I would love to inspire you to live and create from the heart everyday, so it is so wonderful to host and take part in this global art swap”.



My postcards from a previous swap.

Watch the video for inspiration

The heART exchange theme is


So all you will need to do is create something from the heart in the form of a collage or tiny postcard of art – you can use images and words from a magazine or paint your own. It is up to you whether you choose Spring or Autumn – you might decide to send seasonal wishes from the season you are coming into now or where your swap partner may be in the world – up to you. OR you can depict both seasons on your postcards with a lovely quote.

We are going to send out lots of heart energy for the new season. You can use any materials you like, paint, draw, collage and sew – its totally up to you – whatever speaks to you from your heart.

It’s free to join in and here’s how to get started:

  1. Register by sending Louise an email here (or by Sunday MAY 12, 2024. (remember to add your mailing address and blog/website if you have one)
  2. If you would like to, write a blog post or put the button on your blog/website to say you are joining in, please feel free to use the button on this page.
  3. We will send you information for THREE lovely swap participants by Tuesday, MAY 14, 2024.
  4. You will then have 1-2 weeks to create THREE GORGEOUS POSTCARD SIZED ART pieces from the heart. (you can start ASAP!)
  5. Your creations can be any size, but we suggest creating in postcard size (6×4 inches) so its easier to mail for you. (especially if you have an international swap partner)
  6. Take a photo of your lovely work and email Louise your photos to OR post into our Facebook group here (as we will use in a beautiful showcase on the blog) You can also share via instagram, facebook, twitter with the hashtag #globalheartexchange or join our Global Art Swap Facebook group HERE
  7. Send out to your lovely swap people with a special note of kindness the week of MAY 20, 2024.
  8. Once you have received your own lovely gifts, take a photo and share via instagram, facebook, twitter with the hashtag #globalheartexchange
  9. Feel free to share the lovely notes with us (Join our Facebook group here)
  10. We may also feature your artwork in a future post.

SO EXCITED to take part in this with you all.

Lots of love Louise xxxx

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