Sanctuary moments in nature painting by Louise Gale

“Starlight Reflections”
That moment, the stars come out at night
And dance across the sky
Lighting up the deep indigo blanket
Their patterns sparkle and shine
The sea, silent, calm and captivated
In love with the light
I gaze on this Starlight reflection,
And thank the universe for such a beautiful sight.

Secret Garden painting by Louise Gale

“Secret Garden”
A secret garden
Lies beyond here
Full of mystery and wonder
For all we hold dear
Come explore and enjoy
The beauty it beholds
Dream your big dreams and
The truth will be told

Sanctuary moments in nature painting by Louise Gale

A sanctuary in nature, thats what we’ll find
A place to be tranquil and calm the mind
To watch the blossom and hear the stream
Lay watching the sky and to dream our dream

Love Blossoms Here nature painting by Louise Gale

“Love Blossoms here”
Beneath the falling blossom
So soft in the breeze
It rains pink and white
As I sit silently under the tree
Take one moment
All near and dear
For those that pass by
Love blossoms here

Turquoise Glistens painting by Louise Gale

Here we sat beneath the Jacaranda tree
He took my hand and said he loved me
The blossoms fell, the purple hue
and I believed our love was pure and true
That moment it stayed with me for all my days
Remembering the bright vivid color of a true loves gaze.

Falling for Fall

Falling for Fall
That’s what I will do
By falling for Fall
I hope to feel feel less for you.
The colors so warm
My heart feels so cold
I long for new beginnings
For a new life to unfold.
I’m falling for fall
Oh yes I am
My favourite time of year
Have to get out of this jam
Just cant seem to break
From this foolish mistake
Of trusting so much
and letting you take….

My soul it just knows
That we’ve lived before
And will soon meet again
Through a new lifetime door

So I’ve fallen for Fall
It’s my new best friend
Can see the wood through the trees
And am now on the mend. 

Crunchy leaves
Cool fresh breeze
Wearing long boots
And not give 2 hoots
About moving on, singing a new song and falling for fall so my heart can say…so long.

The Universal Om
In this quiet space, there is ease and grace.
Of nature that falls and finds its place.
Kissing the sand, blown by the breeze.
It lays there silent, but for the waves from the seas.
That we hear in the distance, salt water finds its way.
Towards the shoreline, to meet the end of the day.
That was full of wonder, moments of sheer delight.
Revealing nature’s beauty, in this tranquil light.
As the sun disappears to give way to the stars.
These Wabi-sabi moments are exactly what they are.
In a blink of an eye, the precious moment is gone.
The present gives way for what is to come.
So give thanks for this time that we are so fortunate to see.
With our own two eyes and mindfulness to just be.
In nature, to hear the powerful song.
And feel the healing vibration of the universal Om.

BE FREE by Louise

We can find our heaven on earth
freedom is our human right from birth
to live as we choose
and make our own choice
to speak freely and opening
to use the power of our voice
to connect to our kindred, spirits and friends
to enjoy traveling this road
and all it’s adventurous bends
We have the power
if we could only see
believe in yourself and
you will truly be free

Nature, My Medicine

nature my medicine, you heal me, calm me, connect me
mother earth, like an earthly mother, you nurture me, nourish me and protect me
thank you for my morning ritual, the sound of the ocean,
the stillness of this moment before the day begins
barefeet in the sand, the cold, fresh and grounding sand.
here it comes, the sun to greet the day, shedding light onto my world.
a new day, a new beginning, a new opportunity for whatever I want it to bring.
reflections on the ocean, reflections in my life, everything is a reflection of me.
see the birds basking in your light and feeling the breeze lift their wings as they fly across the sky
I feel the connection deepen as my feet sink deeper into the sand, you awaken my toes,
my eyes and mind gaze into the sun
I set my intention for the day…..
nature, everyday you deliver what you promise. thank you

Unfolding your path

Look up to the sky, contemplate what you see
The colors and shapes of what is meant to be
So much time is spent, looking down to the ground
So stand tall, look up to the beauty you just found.

It is all around us, when we open our eyes
Take quiet moments to look to the sky
To trees, and clouds the birds and that blue
Take this moment to think and to know what is true

That lies within you, the essence of your soul
Hear the distant sound of the singing bowl
From the temple of time that passes as you breathe
The world could be different to what you perceive

It is good and perfect in every way
And all we really have is each moment in each day
So give thanks for all that you see and behold
The universe will reveal, your path will unfold.

“Nature Found” by Louise Gale

nature found, nature found
by the sea, on the ground
admire every detail & you will find
the little messages from nature, left behind
look at the beauty, the detail, the shape
let yourself be transported, daydream, escape
to another world, from where you once came
full of peace, love and kindness
this life will be the same
if you think life is hard, if you are feeling down
know thyself & that your thoughts alone, can turn it around
life is beautiful and so are you
you know deep inside, so must believe that it’s true
so wherever you are, take time to look around
and live in the present moment, with your nature found