These past few days, I have been like one of those taps that you cannot turn off. I finally (well almost!) got the studio in order (still a messy mess) but cleared enough space for my work table and supplies to get started with some creating.

I have been in a little whirlwind the past few months with the holidays, traveling back to NYC and the UK, then coming back to dust galore with all the new renovations – I really want to show you what I have had done, but well, want it to look nicey nice before I show! I promise soon… 🙂


I have the most amazing view over the bay, looking east. The sun comes up in the morning to warm the studio and there is enough beautiful light throughout the day to be able to create. Natural light is so important to all of us and our wellbeing and being in Spain we are so lucky to have so much sunshine. I make sure I get out in it directly for at least 30 minutes each day for my vitamin D dose and of course pop my barefeet into the sand in the afternoon. (as it’s a little chilly at sunrise these days). AND meditating, back to lots of morning meditations….. lovely.

It’s amazing with the limited supplies I do have, how much I have managed to gather! I have a fabulous new cupboard (given to me by my Spanish teacher – thank you!) which now holds all my lovely little bits and bobs. it was most enjoyable to put everything into it’s new home. (Just one of the drawers below)


So….. this week after posting lessons in my online class “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” which is running at the moment, (we are in week 3!) I have been getting the creative flow back into my life. I teach about ‘small steps’ & doing something you love everyday in the program and by taking my own class again this year, I am revisiting much of what I am talking about and ensuring I am practicing what I am preaching! 🙂


I am also taking Alena Hennessey’s wonderful class “A year in painting” which is just what I needed to get back into some creative doing! We have been playing with collage and paint so I was thrilled to be able to break open some GORGEOUS papers I picked up whilst in NYC in December.


I love the meditation of drawing leaves and trees in my work – it’s been a while! It was a joy to draw these onto the collage papers. “Grow into your dream” this one is called.

Below is another little work in progress using the papers. I love them!


Then to top it all off, I am also recording some *new* technique videos for my upcoming “Color Energy class” which starts on Monday 3rd February. (registration is open here) So below is just one of the pieces we are going to be making in week 2 when we dive into the root chakra and the energy of red. yummy! (I used to be so scared to create in red, now I LOVE it) I have over 30 videos in this class! I love exploring all these different colors so much.


I really feel like I have my creative flow back and am so excited for this year of exploring more color and seeing new work emerge. I have a pull back to circles and mandala’s again and found my sketchbook for some inspiration!…ooh yeah ….more to come on those. 🙂


What do you find gets your creative juices flowing again?