Transporting kites

On the Sunday after our first session of “Sacred Marks”, we were enjoying our wonderful breakfast by the pool and saying our last goodbyes. All of a sudden, we heard the loud noises of cars, motorcycles and people cheering as they passed our entrance way along the road. You could see big structures moving along and giant flags waving down the road.

Colorful kites

We had the main traffic for all the contestants for the final of the local kite festival driving along! So much colour, characters and vehicles laden with people with giant flags, we had to step back from the pathway incase we were knocked by the bamboo structures that were oversized and stretching across the road!

Kite festival poster

Off we went to the beach to investigate and here are some of the images I took. It was hot, dusty and noisy where the beach was full of thousands of teams about to compete in the kite competition. People setting up small fires to cook their satays and sell drinks to the passers by.

Sanur kite festival

Peanuts anyone!

Peanut seller

carrying the kite

Kites festival scene


Balie kite colourful

Lots of colour and beautiful kites from all the different teams that took part.


Be Nice Soup

Kites in the sky

Below is a short video someone made from the festival in 2011, so you can get the idea. 🙂

Lots more inspiration can be found on google images here

To finish off all of the excitement from the festival, we took a lovely walk along the beach. Around the corner from all the chaos, I spotted these lovely people praying on the beach. How wonderful!

Praying on the beach in Bali

Below is a little sneak peek into my painting section that was inspired by the Bali kites. (more soon on the process of the painting below)

bali kite inspired painting ©Louise Gale


More blog posts from my Bali trip (and more to come!) 🙂