Letting go #bigdreamssmallwonders #vision2014My ‘letting go’ page in my 2014journal
{with an envelope to add slips of paper of things I’d like to let go as they come up in 2014}

This week in “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” class, we have been celebrating all from 2013, letting go and clearing space for new possibilities to come our way.

Closing off the previous year and letting go is such an important process to help us move into a fresh new year without negative energy which may slow us down or even stop us from living the life of our dreams.

I endeavor to let go and clear space on a regular basis and as mentioned in this “dear 2014” post, the first twelve days of January are sacred to me as the new year begins, so feeling a sense of closure on the 12th day of January {today} comes naturally.

Last year, I made my own smudge stick so I could regularly smudge away negative energy from my home or creative space and smudged again this weekend after cleaning and adding new furniture to my home {YAY to a new sofa!}. Today I went back to my 2013 review and ‘letting go list’ and physically burnt that negative energy away through a completion ritual.

letting go #bigdreamssmallwonders

Burning away negative energy and thoughts. Officially saying goodbye to the past year.

Moving from the USA to Spain (Feb 2013) enabled me to really fully let go of many physical possessions and it took me a while to really be fully okay with all of that! So in 2013, I found myself letting go constantly.

Things have emotions and energy attached them, thoughts have energy attached to them and starting a new year with old stagnant energy will hinder us. So practicing detachment from things and letting go can help keep our energy positive. Burning paper with those thoughts and words can be so powerful.

Personally I have felt I had little to let go of from 2013 as I have minimal physical possessions here in Spain and am very conscious of any clutter I am letting build up! I also wrote my “Spring Clean Your Life e-book” last year which REALLY outlines lovely tools for working through this process in 21 days or less. {I love this little e-book}

Give your life a spring clean!

All of last year, I practiced the art of letting go regularly through meditation and writing in my journal so today when I wrote out a few things, they felt like they had already been given permission to vanish or burn away. Regardless of how much or little is on that list, this ritual always has such a beautiful sense of closure.

What do you feel you still have to let go of, eventhough this new year has started?

Is anything holding you back still as you start to vision your year ahead?


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