Hi everyone, here is part 2 of the lovely showcase of work. Just a small selection that came out of the Mixed Media Mandala class I taught earlier in the year. If you missed part 1 {doodles}, here it is. Here is part 3 also {canvas}

This journey is a beautiful progression from mandala doodles and loosening up to exploring paint, collage/other materials and then onto the Mixed Media Mandala Masterpiece where students create a final piece of artwork to hang on their wall.

So part 2 is all about collage and nature. During these lessons we explored different papers, shapes, combining with other materials. We also took ourselves outside to explore using nature in the mandala form. The creative muscles are really stretched during these lessons and everyone has so much fun exploring. Thanks so much all for your gorgeous artwork and putting your trust and exploration into the process.



“Brilliantly written, unbelievably thorough material.” – Katie Flowers

I love how Katie really explore different papers and textures in this piece, then below she burst it all out using words.



“Burst” collage play from Christine Mealor

Liz Walker4‎

Affirmation lesson collage from Liz Walker.


A simply beautiful nature mandala from Donna


Grounding with nature from our nature mandala lesson – Pat Langley

Sigrun mandala 1

“If you love mandalas and meditative art forms, you will love this class and you will get limitless inspirational ideas for mandalas for years to come.” – Sigrun Sigurdardottir

Sigrun took the macro flower lesson and created this gorgeous collage using punched out patterned paper and words.

Barbara Crompton Collage Mandala“I loved all of it. And I enjoyed the way it was taught (thank you, Louise). I now see mandalas everywhere.”

Barbara used her background of stitch and fabric work to explore collage.


“Thank you so much again for the awesome course, I felt liberated and inspired” – Natalie Stokell

Natalie used our affirmation lesson to create a gorgeous collage combined with paint play.

Lisa Fite DeYoung

“Playing is Essential” – Lisa Fite De Young

Donna mandala collage

“I am a better artist today because you have shared so much with me!” Donna Wynn

Gorgeous collages above and below from Donna



Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who took my class and traveled through this amazing Mixed Media Mandala journey together. You are all so inspiring and talented. Part 3 will be posted tomorrow!


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Mixed Media Mandalas online classWould you like to explore the sacred circle and mixed media mandalas further? I would love for you to join me to dive deeply in the 4 week “Mixed Media Mandalas” online class.

By the end of class, you will have a journal full of sacred circles and at least one finished mixed media piece of artwork to hang on your wall.