New Nature Journaling Classes Now Available!

All Classes are self-paced and lifetime access. I have various Nature Sketchbook classes available including the Nature Trail Sketchbook class, so hope you find something to feed your creative soul and get you started or dive deeper into your sketchbook practice!

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naturetrailsketchbookHave you noticed how good you feel when you are close to nature?When we spend time in nature, our connection to mother earth deepens, it heals us.

Our body hums a sweet harmony, our breath slows down and our heart beats in time with the song of the earth. We feel connected. Free. As one. Complete.

A nature trail is a short walk in nature, no matter where we live in the world and throughout the class I will inspire you with walks and discoveries from my own nature trails along the quaint alleyways and beaches in Spain and the wild woodlands in the UK.

Wherever our nature trails take us – the beach, the woods, countryside or urban areas, we will create little collections to observe, sketch and inspire as we create our mixed media journal pages.




  • Daily lessons over 30 days
  • Each daily lesson has video based tutorials or just text and images
  • Over 30+ videos
  • Guidance and feedback from Louise who will be in the classroom as you travel through.
  • Inspiration, techniques and tutorials.



  • Daily inspirational lesson and a video and/or images
  • Exploring, gathering, observing, sketching, painting and mixed media techniques.
  • Journaling tools and prompts to help you connect to nature
  • Step by step techniques using various mixed media (includes, drawing, journaling, painting, collage, stamping, layering, sewing and lots more!)

By the end of the class

By the end of the 30 days, you will have a beautiful sketchbook full of mixed media inspirations and studies of the natural beautiful world around you.

Once you register and pay, Louise will be in touch will more information. The class is held in a password protected online classroom.


suppliesBelow is a list of some of the materials I will be using in the video and image tutorials. You do not need to buy all of the supplies and can get started with a sketchbook, pencils and cheap paints/paintbrushes.

An example of some of the materials I will be using

  • Journal/sketchbook – any size (I like the Brighton seawhite 140grm paper as they can take a lot of water!)
  • A pencil, black pen, eraser
  • Watercolor/water soluble pencils or crayons
  • Paint brushes in a variety of sizes, water jar.
  • Paint – I will be using watercolor (but you can also use poster paint, gouache etc)
  • Tissue paper, collage paper and any scrap paper you have laying around. An old dictionary or book you can rip up.
  • Glue (i will be using just modge podge) but ideally acrylic medium if you have some.
  • Optional: a macro lens for your camera (i use this clip on macro lens for my ipod)
  • We will also be creating with nature.


 nature gathering from found objects







If you have any other questions, please see below. Please also feel free to email me directly here if your questions are not answered below and I will get back to you asap.

How does it all work?

Once you register and pay, I will be in touch to confirm your place and send you class access details. The classroom is an online password protected space where you will find the lessons, videos and other information as you work through the class. You will also be able to post questions as we work through.

Do I need to be in the class or online at a specific time?

Not at all. I will be posting each lesson daily over the 30 days at approximately 9am GMT. Once lessons are posted, you can log in and work through at your own pace. It is okay to miss a few lessons as they will be there when you log back into class.

What if I cant keep up? and how long do I have access to the classroom?

My courses are designed for all of us juggling busy lives, jobs and multiple projects. Each lesson is broken down in such a way that you can take a look at the basics in as little as 10 minutes to start the inspiration process and then watch the videos when you have more time to then spend creating. If you fall behind a little, that is totally okay, the classroom will stay open for a whole year so you can revisit and work through at your own pace.

I live in New Zealand, can i still join?

Of course! As this class is self-paced once the lessons are posted, you can log in at any time that is convenient to you. Many of my classes have lovely participants from around the world joining in.

Do I need to be ‘an artist’?

I would say we are all creative of course so even if you do not think of yourself as ‘an artist’ just yet. 🙂 The class is for everyone at every level. I will be taking you through each lesson step by step, so even if you have not painted or drawn before or do not think you are creative! I will break each step down so you can follow through with confidence and fun!

I ave take other journaling classes, so what is different about your class?

This a unique class that I have created from my own love and experience of working with nature. I researched what was already out there and this is the first class that covers nature and mixed media for this amazing price! If you already have lots of sketches of nature, this class will inspire you and open you up to some new ways to create, stretch and explore through lots of different mixed media too. I also take you through my own process for creating so you can take those techniques and apply to your own style.

What if I have taken one of your other classes, are the techniques and videos the same?

This is a brand new class with new video and content.

Do I need to spend lots of money on supplies and buy all the supplies in the list?

Not at all. I will send you a materials list and outline on what I would see as essentials and also offer some suggestion on other materials you can use instead.

Can I share what I am doing in class?

If you would like to blog about your experience in class, that is also wonderful, but please do not copy or paste anything from the classroom or share the specific exercises. If you do blog or share anything on social media, please do link back to and you can also use the hashtag #naturetrailsketchbook

Thanks so much and I cant wait to see you in class.