I have been doing quite a bit of doodling in my 2014 journal the past couple of weeks and before the visioning afternoon at mine last weekend (will be sharing my visionboard on Monday!), I found myself doodling again. So I popped on the camera to record myself creating this page in my journal ‘just for fun’. (see the video below)

I am living a dream life and everyday I look at that ocean whether sparkly from the sun or wild from a storm and thank the universe for showing me the path to bring this life into my reality.


My theme of the year is: CONNECTION. I wrote about it all here

So of course there are goals and experiences I would love to invite in for this year and beyond. The doodle was both conscious and unconscious so it was interesting to see what emerged. It was a great way to help me really reconnect to what I want to attract. These include (yes there’s more!) :

  • Continue to live a life with less clutter {physically and mentally}
  • Be part of a thriving, celebrated art community locally, exhibiting, collaborating and giving something back.
  • Be part of life changing, life enhancing, connecting to self retreats
  • Collaborate!
  • Run creative classes in-person and online with small groups
  • Paint with others and in my studio overlooking the ocean.
  • Throw paint on something big!
  • Make art with nature and inquire more deeply into the natural world
  • Paint murals on walls, paint on wood, paint my apartment!
  • Fill my life with color, design and energy – let my true colors shine through.
  • Learn to play the mandolin!
  • Find the courage to play the mandolin infront of others
  • Improve my Spanish and feel confident having a conversation
  • Share more of my sketchbooks and journals
  • Share more in general about my life in Spain on my blog. 🙂
  • Continue to assist other creative souls in their businesses, website design and more.
  • Visit more sacred sites.
  • Create more videos about my process as an artist and for fun!
  • Use my voice more through meditations and audios. Practice the art of speaking.
  • Sing more! To join a singing group.
  • Explore more of Spain and take an inspirational color filled trip to Morocco!
  • Write a book or collaborate with another inspiring soul to publish one or several! 🙂
  • Awaken my soul and spirit though more meditation, living in the moment and living a life that feels unlimited.

Doodle Dreams from Louise Gale on Vimeo.

Your Turn!

Why not give it a try in your own sketchbook or journal? Put on some music that makes you smile, open a blank page and just start to doodle out all the things you would love this year to be. What would you like to attract? How would you like to feel? What experiences would you like to have this year?

I would love to see your doodle. Please do post a link below on my facebook page here Happy doodly fun!

Art of the Perfect Timing

I have been looking back over some of my previous posts on ‘dreams and goals’ and it really is amazing how our dreams come to us, right at the perfect time, especially when we listen. Some things I put out there in 2010 have already come to fruition and there are a few that are still “on the list” that are bubbling away or may have changed slightly! They are things I ‘knew’ were going to come to me. Being able to practice the ‘art of forgetting’ as well as ‘the art of allowing’  has most certainly proved to true. Put it out there and let the universe do it’s work. 🙂

So thank you universe for all the messages you send me, I am truly grateful and I AM listening. Thank you in advance for showing me which of my dreams and goals are perfect for this year and when it is the right time to go for it!


I have been creating mandalas in many forms for many years! (sketches, dreamboards, nature, doodles) But it is only now I feel the power to be able to create them in a new series of artwork for an upcoming exhibit here in Spain, that I am putting them out there into the world in a mixed media format. The timing never really felt right before, now it does.

Since consciously focusing on living more in the moment, which has become so much more natural now I live in my amazing environment, I am noticing so much more. The connection between revisiting a dream I once had, with focusing energy on it, visualising myself doing it and hey presto as if by magic, I get an email or have a conversation that shows me this is the perfect time to follow that path.

In the “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” class we create our own life map and look at synchronicities, connections and themes (I will share mine soon!) and this is such a valuable activity to do to start to see how we have navigated our way through so far and trust that what we ask for, does come to us.

What are some of the experiences and synchronistic moments you have had? Do you see a theme?

Have a wonderful weekend all and this weekend my wish for you is that you take a few moments to live in those precious moments, savor them, indulge them, sense them completely.