About the Artist, Art and Studio

At the heart of it all, I am just like you. A dreamer, doer and seeker of….

freedom, light and beauty.

I am also an artist that leads a simple, quiet life by the sea that seeks out creative projects that light up my soul.

Being close to nature centers and heals me. It is also my greatest source of inspiration.

I am on a similar journey that brought you here…

seeking daily inspiration and filling my world with art, color and creativity.

Life was not always this sublime and after years of adventure, corporate life in London/Sydney/New York and LOTS of soul searching, a series of serendipitous events helped me….

create this life that I love.

Being close to nature, fresh air and spending time in my art studio is how I choose to spend my days…. with a sense of freedom.


How would you like to feel everyday?


I am a British mixed media artist, with a passion for color, nature and mandala making.

My intention is to inspire and help creative souls of all ages tap into their creative side through online art classes and all the work in progress images I share on Facebook and Instagram of my own creative journey.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced artist, I hope there is something that inspires you to be creative everyday and spend time in nature, which is also my biggest source of inspiration.

My art studio is located in Spain overlooking the sea with a view of Gibraltar rock, tiny fishing boats and the Moroccan coastline in the distance, so when I am not in my studio creating, hosting online classes or working with other creative people, you can find me on the beach collecting inspiration and putting my bare feet into the sand.

All class videos are filmed in or around my studio in Spain and my classes have a format of 5+ weeks/modules which include tutorial videos, audios, downloads and lot of different mixed media techniques. My mission is to create a learning environment online where you feel you are right here in my studio with me, where you are watching lots of demos and working through each project, inspired by what I am showing you to then create on your own.

All classes are self-paced, have lifetime access and an intimate community of people where you can ask questions and get support from me along the way. 

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What I am working on at the moment

I just published a book all about the calming energy of nature combined with the meditative process of mandala drawing and painting. The book title is ‘Botanical Mandalas’ and I am excited to be sharing a wealth of creative inspiration and creative processes in this book! Find our more here.

I am also working on completing the ‘Botanical Mandalas Masterclass’ art program, where we dive deeper into the process of connecting with nature and creating Botanical Mandalas using a variety of mixed media processes. Find out more HERE >>>

About my Art

I believe that nature is our medicine and helps us reconnect with our true selves, so my art is constantly inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in the natural world. I love to combine the meditative process of mandala making with the healing power of nature in my work creating artworks called ‘Botanical Mandalas’.

When I am not creating mandalas, I find myself exploring the power of color vibration and the impact it has on our lives. Color is such a powerful tool and it can give you what you need through art and the creative process. I am also influenced by chakra color energy theories, so you may see that I gravitate between nature, mandalas, chakra and color energy!


Where You Can Find Me and My Work

I have a handful of artwork on my portfolio here and share work in process on my Facebook page and Instagram, so please do come and connect with me there also. My artwork can be found on the front cover of Patti Digh’s gorgeous book “what I wish for you” and my mixed media urban art series “Sew Hoboken” is also a permanent collection at the Hoboken Historical Museum in New Jersey, USA.

My Paintings have been published in the New York Times and featured in Inc Magazine. I have featured in many books and also contribute to the beautiful Moyo magazine – the worlds first online Surface pattern Design magazine and write the regular “color stories” column for the publication.

In 2018, I wrote my own book all about ‘Botanical Mandalas‘ which feature processes for a deeper connecting to nature and using what we find there to inspire our Botanical Mandala artwork. 

in 2016, I also co-authored my first book through publisher Walter-Foster called “Mandala for the Inspired Artist.’ Please feel free to browse my Press page to see more.

Louise Gale Art Studio View

The view from my studio in Spain

My Creative Journey

I spent 8 years living the USA, just outside of New York City where I found the courage to leave my windowless office corporate job and pursue a life filled with more creativity and freedom. In my earlier years, I studied art and design at school and ceramic design at university. I am also fully trained in the Core Energy Coaching™ process (through iPEC Coaching), Color Therapy so love to combine all of my learnings into what I offer.

Below are audios and video interviews where I talk more about my Creative Journey. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Audio Interview

I am so happy to share this lovely interview the beautiful Sheri Ponzi did with me as part of her “Conversations with Creative Magic” series. We spent 50 wonderful minutes talking about all things creative, my journey from the corporate world to art, messages from the universe, moving countries and ignoring that art teacher who told me I would never get into art school!

I get many emails from lovely readers of my blog asking me about my journey and how I do what I do, so thank you and I hope this interview inspires you and gives you a little insight into my world. Would love to hear your thoughts or any questions you have about your own creative journey, so please do add your comments below.

Here is the full interview to listen to below or download the mp3 here (50 minutes). If you just have a few minutes to spare for now, below are little snippets of the interview in 5 (10 minute ish) sections, so you can jump to a particular section that interests you.

Here is a little run down of each segment so you can dip in and out if you like. 🙂

#1. Introduction

In this segment I talk about:

  • Being creative and listening to the universe.
  • Childhood creativity, studying lots of different mediums
  • How being told I would not get into art school was turned around.
  • What happened after art school.


In this segment I talk about:

  • Being creative whilst working in other jobs and being a buyer for a London store.
  • How I later realized I could live a more creative life and start up my own business.
  • Being in Spain 20 years ago and planting the seed to live there now.
  • Living in the USA and leaving my windowless corporate job.


In this segment I talk about:

  • Listening to the universe, going through my life coaching training.
  • Knowing myself and who I am
  • Finding joy every day
  • Spiritual guides
  • Ebb and flow
  • Positive V negative energy.


In this segment I talk about:

  • Daily practices
  • Being connected to the natural world.
  • Being in the USA, manifesting the move to Spain
  • How my move to Spain came about
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Listening to the universe to travel the right path for me


In this segment I talk about

  • Journaling practice, doodling and receiving messages from journaling
  • Having no art supplies and using found objects to make nature mandalas.
  • Courses I run and connecting
  • The creative process for people taking classes and sharing
  • Farewell message of inspiration


A big thank you to Sheri for this wonderful experience and to all in our creative community for spreading joy and good energy.

Creative Soul Series

I was so thrilled to be part of this wonderful event called the ‘Creative Soul Series‘ where my friend, intuitive artist and soul coach, Jennifer Currie, interviewed myself and over 20 other successful creatives and healers – June 2018. 

Creative Healers Summit

I was very excited to be included in this Creative Healers Summit which ran March 26 – April 11, 2018.  Below is the replay of my interview.


Thank you for visiting me here, taking my classes and supporting me doing work I love. Much love to you all.   Save Save Save Save Save