Hi everyone and welcome to our first creative challenge! To get us started, we are going to explore beautiful sunsets.

Here on the Costa del Sol, we have seen the most glorious orange, yellow and mauve skies as the sun is going down. If you then look east, you will also notice a peachy /mauve hue in the sky so a full panoramic view of colours to inspire a creative inquisitive mind.

Our Creative Costa image below was taken on a glorious sunny Sunday in early February, where a group of friends sat on the beach to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sun go down.

JOURNAL PROMPTS: Before you start creating, take some time to connect to the sunset, the colours, landscape, memories and how this image makes you feel.

What are the colours that come to mind when you think of a sunset? Where in the world was the most beautiful sunset you have experienced?


This challenge is to simply explore the colours of a sunset and have a play. YES, PLAY!

I believe that when we create in the form of play, beautiful things will happen. We let go of the expectations of what the final result will look like and loose ourselves in a blissful creative zone. This is my wish for us this month. To lose ourselves in the joy of creating, just because it is fun! Because we are ‘just playing’ anything goes!

THE CHALLENGE: Create your own sunset landscape(s)

Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Gather photos of sunsets from where you live or places you have experienced to share with the group
• When you think of a sunset, what are the words, feelings and colours that speak to you? Cut these out of magazines or write them out and glue onto your sunset image or just collage them onto a blank piece of paper. (maybe a sunset coloured piece of paper!)
• With your pencils or paints, create an abstract landscape of a sunset using just thick lines across the paper.
• Write a short poem about the colours or what a sunset means to you and write this on your sunset picture/landscape.
• You can also use the colours to add to an existing project if you would prefer to stick with your current medium.

I am excited to see your creations!


Over the month, I will be sharing my own progress with the group using different materials, so I hope these inspire you to explore further and give you some ideas. All images will be posted into the facebook group here:

Sunsets_PinterestI Also set up a Pinterest board with a collection of sunsets from around Spain so if you are craving more sunset image inspiration, here is a lovely eye candy start!

Click here for the Pinterest board