Goodbye 2013 #bigdreamssmallwonders

What a year it has been! It really does feel like it has flown by! It’s been a time of transformation, growth, new adventures and an ease into a more simple life. Moving to Spain in February and leaving the USA (after 8 years) was a huge change to kick start 2013. At times, I have felt like I was in a bit of a whirlwind and have been using grounding and meditation exercises to stay as present as possible. I also recently went back to NYC to pick up a few things I had left and it now feels like I have closure from that phase, ready for the new life in 2014.

I am now soooooo ready for a brand new year, fresh start in my new home and moving in ‘properly’ now my building work is all completed (cant wait to share V soon!). I cannot wait to get new furniture and for everything to have it’s place in my new art studio.

During these quiet moments every year as the new year is gently approaching, I spend some time reviewing all that the year has brought me. It is a wonderful time to reflect and say goodbye to the year, celebrating all that has happened and going into a fresh new year with bigger dreams, a sense of peace and adventure for what lays ahead.

The highs, the lows, lessons learned, successes, huge changes and anything I can think of to release any negative energy and celebrate the successes. It is such a valuable exercise to go through even if there have been challenges and upsetting experiences.

When I look at my 2013 vision board below, I can see all my dreams and hopes for this last year come to fruition and many of these – I want to continue into this year year too. My vision board for 2013 was more about how I want to feel rather than what I would like to attract and it has been an absolute joy to look at everday. {I’ll be posting my new visionboard for 2014 in mid- January}.

Below is a summary from when I posted the 2013 visionboard in January 2013

My 2013 Visionboard

  • Dreams really do come true if they are true for you.
  • Live a life with less clutter {physically and mentally} – getting back to the basics of who I am {consciousness, artist, spiritual, full of love, self-care, joy etc}
  • Nourishing and detoxing myself from the inside out through good food, living well and looking after myself.
  • Living a more simple life next to the ocean and nature. One that is renewed and calm.
  • Spend more time creating
  • Fill my life with color, nature and energy
  • Awaken my soul and spirit though more meditation, living in the moment and living a life where I feel I am in bloom.
  • Ways to exchange energy through learning, coaching, monetary work and more. Ways to sparkle through running the ‘Sparkle weekends” and new ways to run creative workshops.


A Year in Images


This is my year in images from my 2014 journal {As part of the 2014 Big Dreams, Small Wonders program}

Please join me in celebrating 2013. Below is a summary of what I am celebrating and reflecting on from this year. What were your highlights from 2013?


My 2013 Visionboard Word for the year - grounding

January was all about de-cluttering and packing up my worldly goods from my life in NYC. I also had friends over in NYC so we could all do our visionboards together before I left and wrote about my Word of the year for 2013. I spent the month transitioning and preparing myself to move back to Europe after 8 years in the USA. I also spent a week or so back in the UK with family and friends before making the leap over to Spain.

Other Small Wonders included: Running more sessions of “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” to help others kick start the year. Visionboarding with all my NYC friends before I left. Finding old paintings and photos as I de-cluttered and gave much of my worldly goods away! Saying goodbye to a memorable like in NYC, ready for a new phase.


New bedroom in Spain mainmandala_sq_500pxls  Frontcover_500pxl  Moyo magazine - red colour stories, energy, root chakra, surface pattern design

February – I moved to Spain so the whole month was all about settling in, working it all out and easing into this new life. I posted about my first week in Spain here, Starting a regular nature mandala practice, Published volume 1 of “Living from the Heart” a free ebook and published another colour story in Moyo Magazine

Other Small Wonders included: Waking up to see the ocean everyday {and it’s changeable ways!}, Exploring the beach, grounding myself in nature everyday, Finally getting my kitchen put in! {WOOHOO} and launching Life Sparkle Weekends!


Creative Color Challenge Spring Clean Your Life Calendar mum&louise mandala#6

March – we experienced our first rainy season in Spain, I re-launched the color challenge, I wrote and launched the “Spring Clean Your Life” e-book, mum visited me for mothers day (it rained all week!), but we still had a fab time!

Other Small Wonders included: I joined in Chris’s Guillebeau’s plea to gather things we can give away free or help others with and continued to explore and use nature to create with in nature manadala’s


orange I am a lotus flower toplantagarden Happy creating

In April, I started painting again (after a few months without any art supplies) which resulted in some vibrant color and energy work, this was much needed and it felt like a brand new creative chapter was emerging. I wrote a short poem about the lotus painting here, my plants on the balcony were growing abundantly for Earth Day and most exciting was that our very first “Life Sparkle” weekend took place in the UK.

Other Small Wonders included: Meeting others for an art day at a beautiful hotel overlooking the ocean, back to yoga again, exploring Estepona and the local area more.


40th rainbow, paint, mixed media, colour, color Yellow materials, colour, color challenge, creative colour, creative color Moyo magazine - yellow colour stories, surface pattern design

I decided the whole month of May was all about celebrating my birthday! I celebrated with a party at my mums and writing 40 messages to my younger self. I had my bestie from Australia visit and we took  a fabulous trip to France to visit with friends. I launched my new color energy online workshop, some hand-made pages and bookmaking begins and my yellow colour story is published in MOYO magazine.

Other Small Wonders included: Reaching a new decade! Spending a whole month celebrating my birthday!


Colour challenge, Apple green Color wheel love, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet rainbow, colour, color eenrgy, chakra, journal, book, handmad

In June, I loved exploring green in the color challenge and getting closer to nature, sharing inspiration for the color wheel as I write more for the color course, launching the “Rainbow Energy Joy Journal” online mini class too! AND winning a spot in Pixie Campbell’s “vision quest”

Other Small Wonders included: Attending a NYC friend’s wedding in Brighton, visiting family and friends whilst in the UK, submitting 2 entries for a book coming out in 2014 AND having a wonderful time at our “Life Sparkle” Freedom weekend in the UK.


nature mandala, sacred circle, found objects, mixed media, gratitude sewn_fromtop_600wide nature photography, macro, patterns, sacred geometry Mandala, nature, natural, nature mandala, sacred circles, sketch, handmade book, sketchbook, colour, color

July, was full of creativity! I sank into the wonderful summer months in Spain and creating. I made a video of one of my mandalas, created a lovely rainbow hand-made book, and explored with my new macro lens,

Other Small Wonders Included: color challenge for July, Moyo magazine getting over 1 million views, starting a mandala in nature hand-made work


Colour energy paintings Freedom_work in progess #visualquest full moon lantern party color wheel, rainbow, colours, mandala, circle

August was full of creativity in all areas! I was running my color energy workshop which was fabulous!  New color energy paintings emerged, I posted a work in progress of my vision quest piece here. We had a beach full moon party and let off lanterns into the sky here and had more fun with the color wheel here for the August color challenge

Other Small Wonders included: I got back into creating a full moon dreamboard, participated in the August break and was invited to write about color in another book coming out in 2014!


smudging tools, clearing space, herbs, smudge stick, visual quest, nature, creative love sign, wooden, nature, art, creative, found objects, Amulet magazine vintagehearts

September was lovely in Spain as it was much quieter than the summer months! I made my own smudge stick to clear space in the apartment, made a beautiful love sign from found objects and was published in Amulet magazine. I also played with more book making in my vintage color challenge wrap up

Other Small Wonders included: Blue color stories published in Moyo magazine, opened registration for the “Living from the heart” ecourse, being in the UK for the Life Sparkle weekend


orangeenergy_600pxls vision quest message from iris Life Sparkle photo montage nature gathering from found objects

In October, I created more orange energy paintings and patterns! Shared my visual quest painting, shared photos and videos from the Life Sparkle weekend and wrote a nature poem after finding found objects.

Other Small Wonders Included: Having lovely friends from France and NYC visit, enjoying more of our autumn glorious weather in Spain!


30daysofgratitute grounding Groupheadshot800Collage gratitude pages

November, I was getting ready to head back to UK & NYC for the holidays. I announced the 30 days of gratitudeGrounding on the beach everyday (& writing a new poem), Announcing a fabulous collaborative program coming in 2014. Sharing pages from the 30 days of gratitude

Other Small Wonders Included: Coming back to the UK for my nephews first birthday, heading to NYC for the holidays, visiting old friends.


xmascards MIID_MOYO_CHRISTMASGUIDE_COVER_550PX LARGE_spectrumbutton christmasishere

I took time out from posting on my blog and enjoyed some time in NYC and the UK. Mum and I made lots of Christmas cards. The MOYO festive gift guide was also published, I announced the Spectrum offerings here and wrote a little festive poem here

Other Small Wonders included: Christmas parties in NYC with friends, spending Christmas with mumsy and boxing day with my brother and family, seeing friends eating lots of chocolate! Enjoying this time reviewing 2012 and celebrating everything that has passed.

What an amazing year it’s been, I am so grateful for all the experiences and people I have met along the way. Thank you to you all for continuing to visit me here and I look forward to hearing some of your highlights too. Please feel free to list in the comments below or pop a link to a blog post if you also write a review post.

Much love and all the best for 2014 – it will be An Amazing year.

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