I am busy building the website for the “Creative Color Energy ” online class starting in August, so have been revisiting my color journals and all the lovely vibrant colors that make up the color wheel. I have found some beautiful images out there depicting the actual color wheel, so I wanted to share some of my favorites!

History of the Color Wheel

I love the vintage feel of these, showing the history of the color wheel. Pinned from here

Color wheel

Yummy quilt from Lieblingsdecke


MeowKapow shop on Etsy

Color Wheel Embroidery Sampler #embroidery #sampler

Lovely embroidery from Rebecca Ringquist on Etsy

color wheel

 Not quite all the colors, but there is something about this i love

PANTONE knob - Wish I could find these! Obsessed!!!!

PANTONE door knob from Anthropologie – how cool (I want this!)

Magazine color wheel collage

Something we can do at home. pinned from pinterest 🙂

coolest color wheel ever

From xeontribe

Food color wheel

I created a color wheel from the food in my fridge here. Photo from pinterest

Oh my, how you would you love to have this mosaic mirror in your home! Yummy.

People Color Wheel

*LOVE* this people color circle

Here are some gorgeous color wheel creations from a past color challenge (2011)

Artists from top left to right & down: 1) Tinniegirl, 2) BettyjoDesigns, 3)Runaway Violet, 4) ExploringCreativity, 5)Slvilov, 6)ExploringCreativity

Let’s bring more color into our lives!

Which is your favourite?

Have a fabulous colorful weekend all!


Rainbow energy handmade joy journal colour, color

**NEW** mini class opening for registration soon

Look out for a new “mini class” I have created which will be hosted on the lovely “One Little House” art course website. Registration opens next week. We will be making a cute little rainbow-lovely mini book – one page for each color of the rainbow filled with affirmations related to that color. It’s going to be a “Rainbow Energy Joy Journal”.

Or to dive deeper into a color adventure, play with mixed media, and learn about the 7 levels of energy….. join me for the FULL Creative Colour experience.



Creative Colour Energy Workshop

Through audio colour meditations, videos & prompts, we dig deeper into each colour and the associated level of energy (through the chakra system). How each colour speaks to us, makes us feel and triggers our creative intuition.

  • colour vision journaling/colour stories
  • mixed media,
  • painting and
  • photography

The course starts Monday 5th August 2013please read more and register here.