I am so in love with my macro lens, that I am taking it everywhere I go now to capture tiny worlds I may find! I had a wonderful few hours at the garden center photographing all the beautiful flowers and plants before me yesterday, some of which are captured above.

For the past few months, I have been enjoying the process of gathering and creating the mandala’s from nature, it’s been a perfect way to ease into art making in my new home and to really ground myself {my word of the year} to connect more deeply with nature. I am now ready for a new project!

So am even more excited to be exploring the ‘natural mandala’ world even more as well as other patterns and shapes through photography, sketches and artwork.

nature mandala drawing sacred circle nature mandala, watercolour, watercolor, hibiscus

Above are a couple of sketches from the natural mandala we made on the beach last week and then the hibiscus mandala which I also made a video of here.

The beach is an inspiring place to create – the waves are a meditation to me and the sound of birds lift the spirit, the quiet breeze and shading under the umbrella helps me keep cool from the warm evening sun.

So there is no better place to start my new project than on the beach! Over the summer, I’ll be working on exploring the different patterns and shapes in nature, links to sacred geometry and then capturing them with my camera, sketching my own designs and recording inspirations in a new handmade sketchbook which I’ll sew together.

Mandala, nature, natural, nature mandala, sacred circles, sketch, handmade book, sketchbook, colour, colorI look forward to sharing more.

Where is your favorite place to create? And do you have any favorite shapes in nature you like to draw?

 Do you have any new projects for the summer (or winter for any friends in the southern hemisphere) 🙂