I am very excited to be joining in over at my other site, as we embark on 30 days of gratitude. {This month the color challenge is taking a little break} 🙂

book&pages 3 days of gratitude

I started ‘your heART makes a difference’ in November 2011 to help generate positive energy out into the world. Curating and writing content for this lovely space brings so much joy.

I love the current contributors who share their heARTs every month. These include myself, Diane Gellatly, Jennifer Belthoff, Kelly Barton, Thomas Dunleavy and Lori Portka

It is our birthday month so we wanted to celebrate this occasion by sending some good energy out into the world. We also wanted to express our gratitude for all the souls who have contributed to the website and all of you who have been visiting us. We hope we have made a difference somehow.

Over the next 30 days, we will ease ourselves into a daily practice of living in the moment, taking time to notice beauty all around and as a community we will be thankful for all that life brings us.

Gratitude connects us to the present moment and can be as simple as noting down 3 things everyday that have made you smile, or that you are thankful for. By taking time to do this, it slows us down, enables us to notice beauty in the everyday and most importantly to help radiate positive energy within us.

When we think good thoughts, our energy level is raised, we are sending the universe a radio signal to send us like for like energy. When we are grateful and open our hearts everyday, we start to find good energy flows back to us in various ways. We begin to see the good in everything and everyone, we notice the opportunities from all our experiences, the glass is always full, the energy of what we are thinking and feeling will always be reflected back to us. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow and take the positive.

Taking part in the 30 day practice with us

Click here to download and print the prompt schedule {shown on the left}. Each day we will be posting a short message on the daily subject and some prompts to get you started on how this subject touches your own life. This may be in the form of notes, a journal page, a poem, photo or anyway you choose to take some time to reflect.

We will invite you to share your thoughts, creations and images in our collective gallery and on our daily posts so we can also visit others on this journey. It is also okay if you prefer to keep your words and creations to yourself. We are here to inspire you and hope you get just what you need.

We will also have some lovely souls guest posting throughout the month.


Get started with our very own gratitude meditation, journal page and 7 days to happiness mini book download. More info here.


Here is a little 7 day mini book idea to jumpstart your own gratitude journey. {mini book page included in this download}





First thing in the morning: When you wake up, set your intention for the day by recognizing 3 things you are grateful for. This could be something as simple and important as waking up, the sun shining, a day of possibility ahead.

Last thing at night: Write 3 things in your journal you are grateful for to close off the day. These can be things that the day brought you or general thankfulness for what you have.

book & pages 30 days of gratitudeHere is my own little hand-made book I have started for this project. {look at all those blank pages!}

I’ll be sharing my progress every Sunday throughout November.  I do hope you will join in. More info here. xxxx