I absolutely love using orange at the moment. It is so energizing and vibrant to me. I simply used some left over acrylic paint on this piece and “smushed” it over the acrylic paper. Then using my favorite silver and purple gel pens I doodled some designs over the top intuitively.

This color always gives me energy after using it and hope you enjoy seeing this piece today.

I also decided to take a part of the painting and create a little mirrored pattern in photoshop to see how it would came out. I rather like it!


Think I am going to try some new pattern ideas. It almost feels Indian or Moroccan to me which is funny as I have been looking at art retreats in both of those places! The more I look, the more interesting images I see in this pattern. Can you see the man and the temple right at the bottom?


Would you like to have your own colour energy adventure!……

Next class: FEBRUARY 2014

I am very excited to be hosting another Creative Color Energy workshop in February 2014. The class will be limited to only 50 {or less!) lovely participants so we can easily share, discuss and support each other as we travel along.

Registration is open here


Creative Colour Energy WorkshopWould you like to embark on a colour adventure, play with mixed media, and learn about the 7 levels of energy?

Through audio colour meditations, videos & prompts, we dig deeper into each colour and the associated level of energy. How each colour speaks to us, makes us feel and triggers our creative intuition. We will explore and play through:

  • colour vision journaling/colour stories
  • mixed media, {paint, print, collage} and
  • photography

learn more here.