My word of the year for 2013 is “grounding”.

When I spoke about this a few months ago, I had no idea of the impact and need my body and soul had for this ‘word’. I have to be honest here, I have been struggling with something energetically for the last month or so and I put it down to moving to a new place, getting settled and well…..just sorting myself out! But I truly believe it was linked to the need to ground and centre more deeply with nature, myself and disconnect as much as I can from technology. I truly love my new home and life here, but something was off.

Although hurricane Sandy in the USA last November was devastating to many, I do remember the calm feeling I had for those 5 days without power. I really noticed how different my body felt without electricity around me, without everyone on their mobile phone, without wifi, and goodness knows what else…. I wanted to find that feeling again and to learn more….

When I read the lovely Erin’s post here on how her creativity skyrocketed when she unplugged, it really resonated with me. One of the main reasons I moved out of NYC was to escape the sea of electromagnetic fields that were bombarding me on a daily basis and even though there are less mobiles here, wifi networks and cordless phones, I felt like my body was still “charged”, I felt much more sensitive to the electro smog around me and it scared me a little as I felt fatigued and out of synch.. The only thing I could do was listen to my body, so I continued to spend time on the beach everyday, barefoot to touch the ground with the “souls” of my feet to try to reconnect with the natural resonance of the earth and literally “ground myself”

I take daily walks on the beach to reconnect to earths natural rhythm

Last week, as I started to feel better I came to realize I was going through a bit of negative energy detoxing…. I had been working with some solfeggio frequencies to try to balance myself out and wow it felt like they (or something!) were kicking out that negative energy at such a speed, I think what I was feeling was like that yacky detox effect you get when you do a physical food and drink detox! I had no idea, until I started to read more about it…..

It was such a restless few days, that I started working with my colour meditations again and suddenly I felt like I was releasing more as I put paint to canvas. There was an energy inside of me that just wanted to get it all out. I started with red and orange, the lower energy chakra’s to try to build a strong foundation to work from and ground myself some more. It really helped me get back into my creative zone.

Here’s some of the red work that came out of the session.

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And then the orange. There seemed to be a lot of “Spinning” going on, so it felt great to balance this out and move into a more positive spinning direction.

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I am loving this process so much that I am going to work through all of my meditations over the next few months to try and balance myself out again. Yoga is helping of course too.

I feel so passionate about this and strongly about this electro energy that we cannot see, that I may share more as I discover more myself. I am also excited to spend some time re-packaging my colour meditations as part of this process. So watch this space for news.

In the meantime, the more each day passes here, living in such a beautiful place, close to the ocean I know that I don’t want to be on the computer for the best part of the day, I want to be outside, I want to be painting, I want to be pottering with my plants on the balcony and reading books, mountains of books. I want to create with others, paint large paintings, walk along the beach and have long conversations about life, real life.  If I vanish a little from this online window into my life, it’s not because I don’t want to share or talk to you, it’s just time to get back to nature, to me, to play. To enjoy. I know the time to share will be the right time and thank you to all who visit me here.

I am hoping the electro smog has left my system now, so I can enjoy my time on the computer when needed, but it’s just another step on my journey of letting these things go. I think it’s going to be the wifi that is let go of next.

Much love and look forward to sharing more soon. xx