Very excited to have words and images published in the fall edition of Amulet: A field guide for living.

This issue is all about moving into the new season and my article is in the ‘Tools & Talismans’ section of the magazine.

“Nature: our medicine and creative inspiration” is the title and the three pages express my love of connecting and being inspired by nature. Grounding is my word of the year and it was so wonderful to be able to put pen to paper to share how nature can inspire and ground us, and how when we create with nature, deepens that connection.

I share some of the projects I have worked on with nature and an abundance prayer for thanking the earth for all it provides to us during the year and especially this time of harvest.

It is so important, now more than ever, to connect with the natural vibrations of the earth as more of our life is occupied
with technology and busy schedules that gentle reminders are all we need to remember how good nature makes us feel.


This issue is $17 and can be downloaded from the Amulet website here.