I have been longing to photograph the patterns and details of the natural world since I launched my “Flower of Life” studio name in 2012, and now I finally have the right macro lens, I can explore and share the beauty that is around us and the various universal patterns that are present in our everyday. Some we may not see so often with the natural eye. The Flower of Life is natures first pattern and within it holds a secret code to how the universe functions and to life itself – a little more about it here on my about page and I look forward to sharing more here……..

nature photography, macro, patterns, sacred geometry

A little montage of macro images I took this week

It was lovely Regina, over at Creative Kismet who first opened my eyes to her macro lens on her iphone and I searched high and low for one for my ipod touch {as I don’t have a cell phone}.

This post is just a small snippet of some of the tiny worlds I have discovered in the last few days, and I am so excited to delve more deeply into the universal knowledge we know as “Sacred Geometry” to display how everything around us is connected and full of beautiful patterns.

Feathers, salt, ocean, pattern, macro photography

Feather on the beach with salt.

I’ll be exploring both beach and land to discover and share with you a world of tiny patterns and details. I’ll also be creating a new “Patterns in nature” sketchbook for this little project so I can also use the new watercolors I bought myself. {YAY}

Look out for posts over the next month {I’ll also be taking part in Susannah Conway’s ‘August break’} which I am sure she will announce soon on her lovely blog.

Happy weekend all! xx