Wow I cannot believe where January has vanished to! The last few weeks have been completely focused on letting go and moving from the USA to my new life in Spain. I am currently in the UK, visiting with family & friends, meeting my gorgeous new nephew and getting ready to launch some fabulous UK weekend retreats with a creative friend (more news on that next week!).

The day before I left NYC, I gathered my friends around my apartment and we spent the whole day together, vision boarding, chatting and saying a lovely heartfelt goodbye. It was such a wonderful way to vision the year ahead, close this chapter of my life in NYC and vision the way I wanted to feel for 2013.

So at last I have unpacked my visionboard (temporarily before it finds it’s new home in Spain) and I love how it looks, the colors and patterns and words I have chosen.


This is in the Center of my board.

I always love to put a photo of myself at the center of my board to re-enforce this is the world I want to attract around me.

The way I want to feel is the key focus of my board this year. I am so excited about my new life in Spain and all the amazing experiences that it is going to bring,

I really want to focus on some of the basic principles of life and enjoy creating my home and settling into the new community that awaits. To “Blossom into my most fulfilled self”. Last year was all about getting back to basics and I really feel this is now manifesting it’s way into my new life. (I also realized Spain has been on my board for the last 2 years!)

My word of the year is “grounding/being grounded” and living by the ocean in Spain is the perfect place to be my word of the year, where I can walk barefoot along the sand and in the parks every day, hear the sound of the ocean and hear the birds sing. Getting back to nature and enjoying the natural world is key to my 2013 and beyond and I can already see it encompassing pretty much all that I will enjoy and begin this year. {I have a dream to grow herbs and veggies on my balcony!}

I truly believe dreams come true and this is at the core of everything I do.

This year feels like it’s the year to really open up my heart and see inside of myself and let it all be. I am always wanting to try new things, be a better person, which is still the case, but this year for me is really about being, just being. Near the ocean, on my balcony, in my art studio over looking the sea, yoga, community, fun and fresh air. Growing into myself and being at the heart of my home.

As with all visionboards, there are some images I have chosen that I am so drawn to and have to include, but may not know exactly what that means to me just yet. Like the one above holding a crystal ball. Maybe this is about seeing the future clearly or wanting to help others see what kind of future they can create for themselves.

Whatever it turns out to be, I know it is going to be what is in the heart.

What is on your 2013 vision board?

I would love to walk through the rest of my visionboard and hear more about yours, so please do pop back on Thursday where i will be going through each section per the feng shui mapping and really start to lay out what my dreams and goals are for each this year.