Happy Earth day!

I have longed to have my own outside space for many years. I have been dreaming and thinking of growing veggies and having a traditional English rose garden where I can sit on balmy summer evenings and smell the scent of everything growing.

The past few months I have been planting seeds, nurturing, watering, cutting and watching my ‘balcony project’ grow. I have been filling up my small space overlooking the ocean with herbs, tomatoes, lettuces and courgette plants. I do have a rose bush, so not quite a rose garden just yet!

Here is one half of my balcony project!

To plant a seed (physically or mentally) means something. Whether we know it or not, we are planting a dream, a wish, a hope for a better tomorrow. We may plant a seed to live our life’s passion one day or a seed to grow an abundance of tomato plants. By planting a seed, we have hope that it will grow and blossom and become something.

Connecting with nature tunes us back into the natural electromagnetic field of the earth. Our bodies are so out of synch because of all the new frequencies being “sold to us” in the form of mobile phones, gadgets, ipads, tv! and other ‘toys’ distracting the world.

Connecting back to nature brings us back into balance with the world, something to be remembered today (and everyday if we can!)

I was so excited this week as my tomato plants and courgettes started to flower!

Do you notice the different feeling you have when in nature?

Today is all about taking notice of the earth we live in, which is something we can do every single day. Regardless of what is currently being labelled as “Climate Change”, it doesn’t change the fact that being in nature is better for us and our children and that we do need to make some changes to help protect the earth and take care of it.

So whatever you are doing today, take time to be outside and plant a seed and make a wish or just put your bare feet into the rich soil or grass and connect yourself with mother earth. Send her some love. You will soon receive that lovely energy back.

Grounding is my word for 2013.

What are your wishes for the earth today?

My wishes for mother earth are:

1. For us all to take time out and be outside everyday, connecting to how beautiful this world is.

2. That the governments and corporations like Monsanto stop poisoning our earth and our bodies with GMO crops so we can enjoy the abundance of real food and real soil to grow whatever we want to grow.

3. That ‘they’ stop spraying our skies with aluminum and Barium which is also poisoning our earth and filling our air with metals. (aswell as having significant impact on our weather)

4. That a way is found to stop Fracking (this pumps chemicals into our earth)

5. To celebrate that we are all connected, every living thing on this earth is a part of us and we can consciously change the world by changing ourselves. We do all make a difference.


Monday Mandala

Yesterday I spent time with my mum in the garden and mowed the lawn, collecting a few flowers. Here is my Monday Mandala for earth day. I had a desire to create something with yellow and purple!

Every Monday {most Monday’s!} I share a nature mandala I have created using natural objects found on my daily explorations. This is a beautiful process for grounding {my word for the year}, connecting with nature and practicing the art of letting go.

Other nature mandala’s I have made so far in the series……

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Have a lovely day enjoying nature and reconnecting