Color, colour challenge, pink, yellow, peppers, bright, vibrant

Oh YEAH! It’s back, lets color our lives with the monthly color challenge once more. We had a fantastic group of creative souls exploring color in 2012, and so we are back! {a little late, as I have been moving for the last 2 months!}. I have so missed this!

I am soooo inspired by all the beautiful colors here in Spain so I cannot wait to start exploring more of these vibrant colors as part of the challenges for 2013.

If you are new to the Creative Color Challenge, you can check out all the juicy details here and check out the participant showcase here. This is a monthly challenge to prompt us to explore color, combinations of color and lots more! There is some guidance, but this is REALLY ABOUT exploring our creative selves and trying new colors or things as we go along. Finding courage inspiration and joy every month!


  • Create something using any or all of the colors shown above (you can also include white or black in your creation)
  • Use any materials you like to create.
  • The colors don’t need to be 100% exact – the codes/numbers are listed for guidance and if you decide to create using a computer, you can grab these codes.
  • Share it in the flickr group here
  • Pop back to my blog on the 28th where I will share mine. I will then invite you all to post a link to your work or blog post about it all and visit everyone who participated. Read more about the challenge and to sign up here


ENJOY! I cant wait to see what you all create!