Next class starts: Monday 26 October, 2015

Learn to create mandalas full of pattern, depth and meaning.

We will explore the sacred circle in many forms including doodling, journaling, paint, collage and sacred symbol mark making.

We will look for inspiration in planetary patterns, sacred geometry, cymatics and nature to journal and explore what the mandala means to us personally. I dive deeply into all of these areas and you will see the world so differently after taking this class!

At the end of class, not only will you be full of inspiration, you will have a beautiful journal full of studies, sketches and awakening imagery AND at least one finished unique mixed media piece of art to hang on your own wall.

A few of the gorgeous student images created during class. For more, click here


What do the Lessons cover?
  • Guided exploration into the different ways to create Mandalas.
  • Inspiration and studies in nature, planetary patterns, sacred geometry, cymatics and lots more
  • Journaling tools and prompts to help you connect to the type of mandala that speaks to you.
  • Step by step techniques using various mixed media (includes, drawing, journaling, painting, collage, stamping, layering and lots more!)
  • Step by step processes of creating beautiful layered backgrounds with color, depth and pattern
  • Step by step processes of drawing out, collaging and painting a finished mixed media mandala artwork.

By the end of the class you will have a journal full of sacred circles and at least one finished mixed media piece of artwork to hang on your wall.

What is Included?
  • Daily lessons over 4 weeks (lessons are Mon-Fri)
  • Each daily lesson has text, images and video tutorials
  • Over 35 tutorial videos
  • Weekly meditation/audio
  • A lovely community to share work and progress with. (community stays open after class finishes)
  • Guidance and feedback from Louise who will be in the classroom as you travel through.
What supplies do I need?

Below is a list of some of the materials I will be using in the video tutorials. You do not need to buy all of the supplies and can create your own mandala simply with paper, a compass, watercolor or cheap acrylic paints or colored pencils and pen.

An example of some of the materials I will be using (A full list will be emailed to you when you register)

  • Journal – any size (I like the Brighton seawhite 140grm paper as they can take a lot of water!) or loose leaf watercolor/thick paper will do also
  • A pencil, black pen, compass and ruler
  • Watercolor/water soluble pencils or crayons
  • Paint brushes in a variety of sizes, foam brushes if you can get them, water jar and palette
  • Paint – I will be using watercolor and acrylic
  • Tissue paper, collage paper and any scrap paper you have laying around. An old dictionary or book you can rip up.
  • Glue (i will be using just modge podge) but ideally acrylic medium if you have some.
  • Spray paint, stencils, doilies or any other items you have around the house for stenciling
  • Rubber stamps, you can also use corks, bottle tops, bubble wrap.
  • At least one 12×12 inch stretched canvas or any size you wish for your main piece of artwork.
What is a Mandala?

I am sure you have heard of mandalas before and seen many forms of the mandala. There seems to be a lovely popularity of drawing them currently out there, which is wonderful.

The actual word “mandala”, is from Sanskrit, and can be translated as “circle” or “the sacred circle of life” but the feeling of creating and viewing a mandala can be very personal to each and every one of us.

To me, a mandala is a form of self expression, meditation and beauty. I have always loved creating using spirographs, drawing circles, following the crop circle season, intuitive mandalas, nature mandalas and creating full moon dream board mandalas.

Mandalas can be of a free form organic expression of shapes, doodles and colors OR they can be exact in mathematical proportions which results more towards “sacred geometry.”

Mandalas are echoes of our soul and are unique to each and every one of us.

Lovely Testimonials

Brilliantly written, unbelievably thorough material. Well paced, anyone can work at their level and speed.

Katie Flowers

Wild at Art Studio

It has made me see mandala designs all around me. I now carry my camera everywhere to capture pictures of the ones I can use to develop.

Barbara Crompton

A Stitching Life

Thank you so much again for the awesome course, I felt liberated and inspired and it meet my need to remember that I am more than ‘Mama’, and reignited my creative flame that so nourishes me.

Natalie Stokell

I loved watching the videos of your process — it made the creating feel much closer and more accessible. I also loved seeing what others created — the participants were all so creative and opened even more doors of possibility.

Lisa DeYoung

I loved all of it. And I enjoyed the way it was taught (thank you, Louise) starting with loose, free drawing and moving into mandalas of different materials – natural materials, paper, and of course I will add fabric and stitch to that. I now see mandalas everywhere.

Barbara Crompton

A Stitching Life

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the mandala process, to step out of your creative safe zone and learn something new.  I have learned so much from Louise and added to my already full mandala repertoire.  She is an amazing guide on your personal mandala journey … A MUST TO EXPERIENCE!

Donna Wynn

Gentle Threads

The class also made starting to create mandalas easy and fun from me.

Lisa DeYoung

The class unlocks the magic of these sacred circles in such a fun and accessible way.

Lisa DeYoung

I must say that you truly have such a soft way of teaching, that allows one to enter your beautiful space, world and home and feel as though you are right there with you.  You share so much of your techniques with others, thank you.  I am a better artist today because you have shared so much with me!

Donna Wynn

Gentle Threads

I knew from taking one of Louise’s other classes that we would look into various techniques, which is something I really wanted to explore. Also, the community and Louise’s energy make the class a really fun and welcoming environment.

Natasha Devaud

The Lazy Giraffe Blog

Doing this course gave me the impetus to move out of my sketchbook and onto a “public” surface !!! So now my Mandalas are hung on my wall instead of just occupying pages.

Katie Flowers

Wild at Art Studio

If you love mandalas and meditative art forms, you will love this class and you will get limitless inspirational ideas for mandalas for years to come.

Sigrun Sigurdardottir

I loved how Louise had an air of permission about her, she worked quickly, not worrying about keeping in the lines or it being perfect, which was so freeing for me, and really allowed or invited me to be loose and relaxed rather than focusing on it ‘looking good’ or ‘getting it right’.

Natalie Stokell

The class taught me to be a lot more free and confident about my creative abilities.

Natasha Devaud

The Lazy Giraffe Blog

Do I need to spend lots of money on supplies and buy all the supplies in the list?

Not at all. I will send you a materials list and outline on what I would see as essentials and also offer some suggestion on other materials you can use instead.

How does it all work?

Once you register and pay, I will be in touch to confirm your place and send you a full materials list. Then a few days before the class is due to start, I will email you with the class access details so you can familiarise yourself with the classroom before the lessons start. The classroom is an online password protected space where you will find the lessons, videos and other information as you work through the class. We will also have a private facebook group where you can ask me questions, share your work and offer support /inspiration as everyone works through.

What if I cant keep up? and how long do I have access to the classroom?

My courses are designed for all of us juggling busy lives, jobs and multiple projects. Each lesson is broken down in such a way that you can take a look at the basics in as little as 10 minutes to start the inspiration process and then watch the videos when you have more time to then spend creating. If you fall behind a little, that is totally okay, the classroom will stay open for 6 months after the class finishes so you can revisit and work through at your own pace.

I am on a different time zone to you, can I still join in?

Of course! As this class is self-paced once the lessons are posted, you can log in at any time that is convenient to you. Many of my classes have lovely participants from around the world joining in.

What if I have taken one of your other classes, are the techniques and videos the same?

If you have taken my “Creative Colour Energy” class a couple of the extra bonus timelapse videos are the same and ‘how to create a basic mandala’ is very similar, but all the content and videos are brand new so if you have taken one of my other classes, this will be a whole new experience.

Do I need to be in class or online at a specific time?

Not at all. I will be posting each lesson Monday-Friday during the 4 weeks at approximately 9am GMT. Once that lesson is posted, you can log in and work through at your own pace. It is okay to miss a few lessons as they will be there when you log back into class.

Do I need to be an artist?

I would say we are all creative of course so even if you do not think of yourself as ‘an artist’ just yet. :-) The class is for everyone at every level. I will be taking you through each lesson step by step, so even if you have not painted or drawn before or do not think you are creative! I will break each step down so you can follow through with confidence and fun!

I have drawn and created mandalas before, so what is different about your class?

“Mixed Media Mandalas” is a unique class that I have created from my own love and experience of working with these beautiful creations. I researched what was already out there and this is the first class that covers various types of inspiration such as nature, sacred geometry and universal energy shapes. If you already know how to draw a mandala, this class will inspire you and open you up to some new ways to create, stretch and explore through lots of different mixed media too. I also take you through my own process for creating so you can take those techniques and apply to your own style.

Can I share what I am doing in class?

We will have a private community facebook group so you can share your work and progress. If you would also like to blog about your experience in class, that is also wonderful, but please do not copy or paste anything from the classroom or share the specific exercises. If you do blog or share anything on social media, please do link back to and you can also use the hashtag #mixedmediamandalas

Once you register and pay, Louise will be in touch with more information. The class is held in a password protected online classroom.

What are the Registration terms?

TERMS: When you sign up for the mixed media mandala class, this payment is for the live class for the period of time stated. Students get access to materials and the classroom for 6 months so there is plenty of time to work through and download written content if needed. The Facebook community remains open indefinitely. I am afraid I do not offer refunds, but would be happy to move you to the next session if you let me know during the time the class is running. If you do not let me know until after the class has finished, I will offer a ‘returning student’ rate which is usually 50% off. Thanks so much and if you have any questions, please do get in contact here. Excited to create with you! Louise xx

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