Hello creative friend! ❤️

The seasonal shift is happening here in Spain and its so wonderful to feel the cooler air in the mornings and light cool breeze in the afternoon.

This is a time for honoring the seasonal shifts and also taking some time for yourself. Time to reflect, dream a little and spend some time in nature.
When we spend time in nature, our connection to mother earth deepens, it heals us.

Our body hums a sweet harmony, our breath slows down and our heart beats in time with the song of the earth. We feel connected. Free. As one. Complete. A sanctuary in nature that is our ‘home’. Being in nature is our natural existence and over time many feel that the human race has become more and more distant from that connection.

What are some of your favorite memories of times spent in nature?

Reconnecting ourselves back to nature is something I talk about in my book Botanical Mandalas: Draw, Paint and Create Expressive Mandala Art Inspired by Nature and when Alexis invited me to take part in the Art Medicine festival that begins TOMORROW! (grab your FREE spot here) I knew I wanted to share how I creatively connect to nature. More info on the festival below….

So, today, I would love to share a free pdf download with you! The free pdf (which is taken from chapter 2 in my book) below includes my own connecting with nature story, why I believe it is so important and the benefits of spending time outside. These experiences are what started me on my journey with Botanical Mandala Creating!

Note: the file is quite large, so it might take a minute or so to download.

I hope this pdf inspires you to get outside and find your own sanctuary in the natural world, look around and find inspiration to create! If you are interested to find out more and purchase my book for yourself or a gift, read all about it here.  I hope you love this book as much as I loved creating it.

Above: A little journal page from my Spring Clean Your Life Journal class.

TODAY! Join me for the Art Medicine Festival!

My session is due to air on Friday, but when you sign up to this wonderful FREE 5 day online transformational festival you will also receive sessions from over 30 artists, healers and visionaries! The schedule is also available, so you can plan which sessions you want to join!

I will be sharing my beautiful practice of gathering, observing and capturing nature’s beauty through line drawing, capturing colors and pulling everything together into a journal page.

Louise Gale Botanical floral art and color palette

Above: Botanical Line Drawing and Capturing Natures Color Palette

When Alexis invited me to take part in the festival, I talked about my ongoing love affair with observing nature’s beauty and then recording the lines, shapes and colors as part of a devotional practice that then leads me to create Botanical Mandala designs. We thought this would be a beautiful session to include in the festival, so this is what I am presenting.

What I love, is that you can gather SO MUCH INSPIRATION from ONE single flower and this can then be used for inspiration for more art making and of course….botanical mandala artwork. 

Louise Gale Botanical floral art and color palette

Above: All the inspiration from one single flower

If you have been connecting with me for a few years, you may recall my 100 days of Botanical Motifs project which led me to create an inspiration deck for my Botanical Mandala work and then on to write my books and create my Botanical Mandalas Masterclass Series.

I strongly believe in the healing energy of nature and I am feeling a calling to return to this work, so this online festival (and my upcoming #inktober project) is a perfect way to connect back to this beautiful practice. 

Louie Gale Botanical floral art and color palette art journal

Above: My journal page with a collection of observations from the art session.

If you feel a calling to join me and over 30 artists, healers and visionaries in this wonderful Art Medicine Festival, grab your spot here and I look forward to seeing you there. xx