I hope you are full of hope for the new season ahead!

Oh how I love this time. New Beginnings, New Wishes and a New Season full of creative fun!

This is the time to clear any stuck energy and set intentions.
What is your desire for this new season? Feel free to reply to this email OR if you’d like to dive deeper into sharing your creative wishes for the year ahead, please spare 5 minutes to fill out my questionnaire here.

Thank you to all who have already shared thoughts and comments for your creative life in 2023 . I so appreciate you taking the time and opening up to me.

Above: Fall has arrived on the beach in Spain.

In addition to this beautiful new season, there is also a New Moon this coming Sunday. A perfect time to start something new and set intentions for the season ahead!

However! Before jumping in full steam ahead, it is also a powerful practice to take some time for self-care, let go of some old energy that may be in the form of clutter AND Spring clean areas of your life that may be holding you back.

I use a tool called the Wheel of Life, also referred to as a Balance Wheel to help me identify which area(s) of life to focus on for a little mini makeover.

My wheel often looks like the one below when I do the exercise with my two areas for focus being Family and Health/Wellness! So, I am happy that my mum is visiting this week (for that family time) AND I have just completed a little juice fast and now back to a regular yoga practice for the fall (to boost up that Health/Wellness area).

Above: My Wheel of Life /Balance Wheel in my Spring Clean Your Life Journal

In addition to rebalancing the wheel, I have been taking myself through a Decluttering and Spring Cleaning process since I moved back to my apartment after all the renovations. So much dust as I unpacked my storage boxes and finding items that I realized do not feel good in my life or space anymore. I have been to the charity shop (thrift store) many times this month already! It feels so exhilarating to let things go, that others may need and clear my own space for new opportunities to come in.

I am also working towards the vision I created in my Spring Clean Your Life journal for my new Art Studio and it is unfolding more and more. I am happy to report that my staircase/storage is being fitted at the end of September, hopefully buying new drawered units in October, then its onto shelves and plants!

Above: My vision for my Art Studio in my Spring Clean Your Life Journal

The things we vision and dream of can take time to come to fruition. There was some serious structural roof/ceiling work needed on my apartment and at many times, the last 7 months were very frustrating. Having the vision of what I was working towards helped me and I knew it was a matter of being patient, having faith and allowing the time to set some good foundations in place!

I am almost there. My space is already feeling lighter, fresher and ready for new creative projects and abundance in 2023!

When you are clearing and decluttering, it is so important to carve out time for self-care. So much energy is being disturbed when we move furniture and personal items and taking care of ourselves during these times will ensure ease into letting items go and feeling fantastic in the new improved space.

I have shared this journal page before and am including it again as its pretty AND it may help you think about how you can take some time for yourself as this new season unfolds. Scroll down further for the pdf download.

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Above: A selection of just some of the worksheets and art journal downloads in class! So much more inside class….

Above are just a few of the pages and downloads from class! So much more inside! Watch the video below to find out more.

Your FREE ‘Self-Care’ Arty Worksheet

🌸Download this Free Arty Journal page to journal some ways you can make time for yourself.
🌸 You can write in the white spaces
🌸OR put a pretty picture of yourself in the center of the lavender mandala and write your self-care practices down the right hand side.
🌸Place into your own journal or pin on the wall so you can remind yourself everyday.

Of course it doesn’t need to be Spring where you are to give your life a little lift, and “Spring Clean Your Life” is perfect for any time of the year to dust off your own cobwebs and clear some space to invite exciting new possibilities in and get our creative energy to flow.

This program will take you through activities to help you:

  • Clear Your Mind of Clutter to Live more Mindfully
  • Clear Space and Physical Clutter
  • Restore Balance & Wellbeing in every area of your life.
  • BONUS: Create a Sanctuary in every room in your home.

We will also create our own “Spring Clean” Art Journal to track our journey along the way!

This class is perfect for all levels and those who love to collage, be inspired by visuals and words and create a beautiful art journal! Even if you have never created in an art journal before, you will love this process!

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Love Louise xx