Small Wonders Celebrate the little winds every month

Happy February 29th everyone! Such joy to have this extra day!

So the last day of the month means a celebration of my Small Wonders. Here are mine for February:

🌸 Publishing my new Coloring Book – Coloring Botanical Blooms, Bouquets and Mandalas (thanks to all who have purchased) ❤ Find out more here:

🌸 Painting, painting, painting again!

🌸 Finishing two large paintings (100x100cm) for the salon project

🌸 Valentines day road trip to Tarifa and Gibraltar

🌸 Morning beach walks

🌸 Spending time with friends in Spain

🌸 Fixing up my art studio with shelving and more final touches to renovation work on the apartment.

🌸 Decluttering with bags off to the charity shop!

🌸 Enjoying my gorgeous sea view from the art studio for the month.

What are your Small Wonders for February? xx

I want to be more conscious with capturing the little wins that happen in this creative life! So on the last day of each month, I share my Small Wonders. It is so wonderful to look back and see all the accomplishments written down over the year.