Hello creative friend! ❤️  Happy Valentines weekend! As I write this, 100’s of beautiful LOVE themed postcards are being received around the world in our global heART exchange. I can feel the love in the air! Join our community here to see the beautiful designs and join the next swap!

I received some wonderful emails from subscribers wishing me well after my last email update about my back injury and having to temporarily move out of my apartment! I am so grateful for you all! Since that last email and ´New Lunar Year’ energy, I have been called to get into my little temporary art studio and create!….. in red!

Now, anyone who has been following me for a while (yes over 10 years!) may recall that I used to find red a very scary color to create with and this creative enquiry led me to embark on a journey to learn more about color, how it affects us in our daily lives and essentially it’s connection to our own energy system known as the Chakra’s. 

As part of that journey which started in 2010! I hosted the Creative Color Challenge on my blog for several years, trained in Energy Coaching in NYC (where I learned more about the levels of energy related to emotions), took a color therapy program, wrote many articles about my journey and the energy of color for an online magazine AND created my online program Chakra Color Art Journal class (formally named Creative Color Energy Art class)…. which now after 9 years of being out in the world is about to get completely remastered!

I also created a whole new website celebrating color called ¨Create Your Color Story¨ which alas, got hacked into and I had to take it down. But… onwards and upwards as I am feeling that call again to work more in-depth with color.

So…. back to this urge to create in red I’ve had…. I realised that because of my back injury which is still healing, I was subconsciously being called to work on my Base Chakra and the energy of red to help with this healing process.

As I only have limited supplies in my new temporary studio and home, I started creating little watercolor play squares, then collages and I felt a desire to create little painterly collaged cards.

Below is one that I created last week with an affirmation from my Chakra Color class to help me trust in this healing process.

This simple little card has now opened up a new project to warm me up for remastering my Chakra Color Art Journaling class (I’ll be recording new videos when I am back in my new renovated art studio in April!) and in additional to new videos for class, I am envisioning a whole new journaling process using these types of cards.

They can be used as prompts for journal art and also a way to invite some personal enquiry into color and the different levels of energy associated with each! So, I can see us creating and using them as part of the new remastered class which I plan to run to a schedule in July.

Then I thought ¨Wow! I can also take part in #The100DayProject to share my cards and keep on track!¨ and here we are at the start of a new creative journey and juncture. I am so grateful for trusting that inspiration was going to appear to kickstart my creativity again! Who would have thought an injury would be the kick starter!

So I’m diving into #The100DayProject

#The100DayProject officially begins TOMORROW, February 13th and runs until May 24. Have you worked on a daily art project before? OR are you thinking about diving into one? If you have not heard about this before, you can find out more on the official website here.

To be honest, at first, I wasn’t sure about joining the 100 Day Project this year as I have embarked on these daily projects in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020 and did not complete the last two due to personal circumstances! But I feel ready for a daily project again!

If taking part in a daily project interests you, I made a short tip video about the 100 Days of Botanical Motifs from 2018 HERE

100 Days is a commitment, let me tell ya! But what is so great about it, is it gets you into a daily practice of creating everyday, so this becomes a way of showing up in your studio (or at your kitchen table) to be creative, that could be for 10 minutes or several hours. SO……. if you approach as ‘a little bit of creative time each day for 100 days’ it does not feel like such a huge undertaking AND you will find that it does become a fantastic creative habit! 

My 100 Day Project!

For my project, I’ll be creating Oracle sized Chakra Color Cards in every color of the rainbow with an affirmation associated with the energy of that chakra within our body.

What is an Affirmation? These are positive present tense statements used to assist in self-empowerment practices to achieve success in anything! My intention for the Chakra Color cards is that they will help us focus on those areas of energy to keep them balanced and highlight any areas that need attention.

Follow my art and project on Instagram here (I’ll also post to my Facebook page here) and add regular updates to my newsletters and blog too for those of you not on social media.

For those of you who are not currently enrolled in my Chakra Color Art Journal Class, you can grab your 50% off early bird priced spot for only $99 here. (there is also a payment plan option)

I’ll be running the brand new remastered class from 1 July and in the meantime, will be adding downloads from my 100 Day project so you can make your own cards!

I’ll also add pdf downloads of a selection of my chakra cards as I create them for each chakra and show you how to create cards in preparation for class!

Hope to see you there!

Louise xx