Happy February! A few days in and I am getting excited for a new painting commission coming up this month whilst I am in Spain. 

As part of my Big Dreams, Small Wonders practice I shared with you in my last newsletter, I am also setting intentions for the month ahead, so I have added these below with a little peek into a moodboard I am working on for my paintings. 

A short and sweet update this week! I hope all is fabulous with you!

Hello February! I am looking forward to spending time in my studio by the sea, painting up a storm! First, a HUGE tidy up is needed so this weekend, I have been sorting out my paints and creating some space! I also went into my store to see what canvases I already have, I can repurpose or use.

So for February, my main activities include:

  • Keeping a slow, calming pace to the day
  • Resume my early morning yoga practice
  • Tidying up the studio, clearing some space and smudging.
  • Publishing my new coloring book (I hope to have news net weekend!)
  • Starting up the Coloring Club again. YAY!
  • Creating a Moodboard for my upcoming painting project (A peek below)
  • Paint, Paint, Paint
  • Take time to appreciate the amazing view from my studio
  • Go on long walks along the beach and see what nature collections I can find

How about you? What are the main projects or activities you would like to work on in February?

My New Painting Commission!

This month, I am diving back into painting on canvas again, YAY! I have a lovely commission of a series of paintings to display on the walls of a local hair and beauty salon, here in Estepona.

The color palette is going to be limited to match the decor of the salon and below is a little peek into some of the images from the space and also a few color swatches for inspiration. So I can already imagine some gorgeous floral elements to use. 

I am working on a larger mood board to hang in my studio which will inspire me as I paint, so more process photos on their way soon! 

What do you think of the color palette so far? What kind of things does it remind you of and is it evoking anything when you see all the pretty images and colors? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below.