Happy June Creative Friend. I hope all is wonderful with you!

It’s been a little while since I sent out a proper update and I have so much goodness to share with you over the coming months!

Today, I wanted to share a little peek into my upcoming Botanical Drawing Book AND a little update on other creative projects too! So grab yourself a drink and I hope you enjoy the updates and feel inspired to get creative!

Louise Gale artist studio view

Above: Gorgeous weather and view from the Studio at the moment!

Creative Projects I have been working on

It’s been a busy few months and I have been deep into some creative projects all at once! Here is a little update if you would like to catch up and I hope these inspire some creative projects of your own too!

100 Days of Color Energy Mandalas
I finished the 100 Day project: 100 days of Color Energy Mandalas. You can see the videos on Instagram HERE (also on Youtube HERE) and I will share more on my blog and in a newsletter very soon to wrap it all up.

I have also had many requests to teach a little class on this, so I am cooking up something special for July! keep an eye out for a new Color Class!

100 day project louise gale artist color energy mandalas

Above: Day 100. I LOVED that these two cards were selected!

100 Days of Flower Motifs
I am taking my time with the 100 days of Flower Motifs and have been posting a few updates on my main Instagram HERE. (also on Facebook HERE) as I have been working on my book! I gave myself permission to go slow with this one.

Hydrangea flower Louise gale Artist Botanical Drawing

Above: Watch me color in the hydrangea on Insta or Facebook. Also a little peek into my NEW Flower Deck coming out later this summer…

The Botanical Mandalas Coloring Club
Diving back into my Botanical Mandalas Coloring Book is so much fun too! I post a time lapse video on the Botanical Mandalas Instagram and Facebook accounts EVERY SATURDAY. Also on Youtube HERE. Then a more full length video in the Coloring Club Membership. The Coloring book was updated a few months ago and I love it so much more with larger designs and some more pretty patterns on the back of each page.

Coloring Botanical Mandalas Club Louise Gale Artist

Above: The Coloring Club videos from the last 3 weeks!

Join me and 20 other artists for FREE ART LESSONS!
I am sharing a FREE lesson on mini Color Portals for the Art & Spirituality Summit running June 19-25. I sent you an email about this a few days ago, but if you would like to simply play with color and watercolor paint, this is a gorgeous little lesson and a wonderful warm up for my new color class that is coming in July! Grab your FREE SPOT HERE.

Mini Color Energy Portal Paintings Louise Gale

Above: A peek into the FREE lesson and warm up on creating Color Energy Portals

A Peek into my NEW Botanical Drawing Book!

I know many of you are aware that I have been writing and drawing for a new book coming out VERY SOON! I do not have a publishing date as yet, but once I get the full proofs through, you will be the first to know. 

I have absolutely LOVED drawing and creating the projects for this book and I also had to leave lots out as the book was close to 200 pages! So I have popped lots of goodies into the Book Club which will be included when your purchase the book.

A few weeks ago, I printed out the first draft of my book on my own printer from the proof pdf that my editor sent me. This is a great way to check how it all looks and feels as I turn the pages and below are a few little peeks! The book really begins to feel real! SO EXCITED. 

Above: A look into Chapter 3 which is the Flower Drawing Chapter

Above: Each of the sections of the book have examples of flowers in each category, so you can explore each one further.

Peek into first draft Drawing Botanical Blooms Book

Above: Inspiration for different petal numbers and mandalas you can create.

Above: Fun tutorials to show you how to draw simple to complex flowers

Above: African Daisy page. Many of the pages have flowers in different perspectives so you can practice after the tutorials.

Above: Lots of practice pages to draw and paint the flowers you have learnt to draw inside the book!

Above: I also talk about using your own flower inspiration cards and gift you a few of mine also! AND… look out for ANOTHER BOOK in a few months where you can make your own Flower Inspiration Deck. 


Above: A peek into the contents of the book! There is also so much more in the Book Club, which you get free access to when you purchase the book.

I hope you have enjoyed this update! I absolutely LOVE my creative life and creative projects. I hope I inspire you to be more creative and seek out beauty to inspire your own creative journey. I will let you know as soon as I have a publishing date!