I think it is fair to say that we all LOVE color! I know it can feel a little daunting sometimes when you are new to using color and mixing it, so I have color mixing videos in all of my color classes, so you can feel confident with mixing colors to get started!

Here are the three different color classes you can explore with me! All are on special offer RIGHT NOW!

color classes with artist Louise Gale

Below are some BEAUTIFUL  AND UNIQUE creative color wheels from previous participants of the color wheel play to give you some inspiration. And….. a few kind words about my class too! ENJOY the colorful show. 

collaged color wheel Louise Gale Color Classes

Collaged Color Wheel by Louise Gale

Color Wheel Stacey Greene Louise Gale color classes

Color Wheel Mandala
by Stacey Green

color wheel Minette Riordan Louise Gale Color Classes

Color Collage Wheel from Magazine cut-outs. By Minette Riordan

Color wheel Natacha Devaud Louise Gale Color Classes

The chakra color class was my little sacred time of the day.”

Amazing hand-drawn and colored color wheel mandala from Natacha Devaud

color wheel Tina Hoff-Coates Louise Gale Color ClassesThis class is a must for anyone looking for an energetic way to create.”

Color wheel mandala by Tina Coates


Tamsin Haggis color wheel Louise Gale Color Classes

Color Wheel Paint Play
By Tamsin Haggis

Monica Color Wheel Louise Gale Color Classes

Color Wheel Inspiration gathered
by Monica

color wheel Valerie Brown Louise Gale Color Classes

“I had way too much fun in your Chakra Color class! The best part was that I feel like I learned a little more about my watercolors and mixing color!”

Fabulous color wheel exploration page from Valerie Brown

Fantine Color Wheel Louise Gale Color Classes

Beautiful Color Wheel page and also a lovely sketch of me by Fantine!


color wheel Cathy Kirwan Louise Gale color classes


color wheel Maria Del Valle Louise Gale Color Classes

“It has been great to learn many things from Louise and share it with great people. The combination of creation + meditation has been awesome!”

The beautiful “I feel” Color Energy wheel by Maria Del Valle

Join me in any of my color classes to embark on your own Color Journey!