Botanical Inktober 2022

With the energy of the new season and being back in my art studio, I am ready to kick start creativity in the form of a daily art practice. YAY! 

There is something about a daily arty challenge that makes my creative heart sing! #Inktober begins TOMORROW, October 1st and I am diving back in!

These daily challenges are a great way for me to get back into a lovely habit of showing up at my art table and creating something. I can spend 10 minutes or several hours using the prompts as a little jump start and I hope this creative practice may inspire you too! 

October is the month where many creatives from around the world join the #Inktober challenge AND I love to share my own prompts that are more Botanically Inspired!

inktober ginkgo leaves

Above: Inktober motifs AND Botanical Mandala!

Join me for #Botanicalinktober – Make time for a little art!

Starting on 1 October, I am embarking on the month long Inktober drawing practice! I need a little kick start for a new book project publishing in 2023 and I thought this would be PERFECT to flex my creative drawing muscles and dive back into creating on a daily basis. Would you like to join me?

For the last few years, I have been sharing my own prompts for Inktober and this year, I have mixed up the botanicals a little and called it #botanicalinktober. 

I hope you feel inspired to use these prompts to draw a little every day too! If you need a little help with drawing and using inks (including other materials), I have added one of my Botanical Masterclass bundles below at 40% off just for October, so you can dive right in now.

Botanical Inktober 2022

My invitation to YOU! How to play along: 

Would you like to join me? I would SO LOVE that! You can join for a few days, a week or the whole month, up to you!

  • Print off a pdf of the prompts list here (also includes my favorite materials to use)
  • Come and follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I will post my botanical sketches
  • Use the prompts listed above to draw (or inky paint) your own botanicals as a single drawing or a page in your sketchbook. 
  • Post your art or photos on Instagram and/or Facebook, tagging me (as below) so I can see your art and comment.
  • Also use the hashtags #botanicalinktober #inktoberwithlouise so everyone can find each other!

Please follow and tag me on my Instagram account at @louisegale 
Please follow and tag me on my Facebook page at @louisegaleartanddesign 

inktober sketches

Above: Botanical Motifs from a previous Inktober on my Instagram

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More info here from the official Inktober organiser!
The Inktober Challenge was created in 2009 by illustrator Jake Parker as a way to get better at inking. It’s since grown into a worldwide art event every October. It’s a celebration of drawing, creativity, and self-improvement.

You can modify the challenge to suit your needs and abilities. If doing 31 drawings in a month isn’t realistic for your schedule, set a goal for 15 drawings in the month and do one every other day. Or do one a week. Or just do one on the first day.

People who push themselves just outside their comfort zone get the most out of the challenge. Figure out what that is for you, set a goal, and work your hardest to reach it.

Use whatever inking tools you have available to you. Whether it’s a bic pen, sharpie marker, or the latest Japanese brush pen, we’ve seen great art with all of those tools.