A few days ago, I pulled 13 cards from my Chakra Color Cards to help guide me with an overall theme for the year and also a color/chakra and affirmation to focus on for each month.

I shuffled the cards and placed them around in a circle starting with 1 for January and moving around like a clock. Ending with the theme card in the center. So I pulled 13 in total. Below are the cards that came up for me!

Year Ahead Spread for for 2024

This is a lovely way to set a theme for the year and also a theme for each month which I will focus on in my Color journal. You can try this with any card deck you have. I’ll continue to use these cards and my other color cards to dive deeper into the journaling process. I’ll share some insights with you each month, but you can also follow along on my @createyourcolorstory Instagram and Facebook page

Below is the starting point for my journal spread where I record the layout in my journal inside the front cover and then outline what card came up for each month. 

Year Ahead Spread in my journal for 2024

If you are in the Chakra Color Art Journal Class, there is a short video and pdf download for creating your year ahead spread using the free cards you get in class. I’ll be posting the new videos in class throughout 2024 also.

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I then add a copy of the cards into the next page to outline the monthly cards I pulled so I can get a lovely overview of where to focus each month. 

Monthly Spread in my journal for 2024

Here are the cards and colors I pulled for 2024! Each month, I will journal and dive into these colors and themes more deeply.

OVERALL THEME: I am a spiritual being in a human body (Violet & Crown Chakra)

JANUARY: When I share my words, I share my light (Blue & Throat Chakra)

FEBRUARY: I release judgement and let my life flow (Yellow and Solar Plexus)

MARCH: My inner vision is clear and strong (Indigo and Third-eye Chakra)

APRIL: I have courage to love unconditionally (Green/Pink and Heart Chakra)

MAY: I have the courage to be my true and authentic self (Blue and Throat Chakra)

JUNE: I am at peace with myself and my surroundings (Yellow and Solar Plexus)

JULY: I love my body and trust its wisdom (Red and Root Chakra)

AUGUST: I am willing to release all of my old patterns of fear and insecurity to live with joy. (Red and Root Chakra)

SEPTEMBER: I am pure, beautiful, radiant light (Violet & Crown Chakra)

OCTOBER: I create my own reality (Indigo and Third-eye Chakra)

NOVEMBER: I trust the process of life (Orange and Sacral Chakra)

DECEMBER: I live an honest, authentic, wholehearted life. (Blue and Throat Chakra)

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