Hello creative friend! ❤️ Sending love your way this week.

The world is experiencing so much fear and anguish once again and I believe that being creative is more important than ever.

Whether that be making art, writing a poem, cooking nutritious food for others, making music or simply taking time to notice all the beauty that does exist in the world through your camera lens and sharing it to brighten someone’s day.

By creating from our hearts, we are raising our own vibration and sending positive vibes out around us. Your heART really does make a difference.

I was answering some profile questions for an upcoming online retreat I am going to be part of in the summer and one of the questions was:

¨Why do you create art?¨

The short answer is that when I am creating, I feel a sense of peace around me, a deeper connection with myself and I can literally feel my energy levels rise to a higher vibration. 

Creating art enables us to focus on something of beauty that can assist with our mental health and make us feel good inside. Combining art with gratitude is even more powerful! 

My Grateful HeART Journal page from my Spring Clean Your Life class here.

When we create from the heart, this positive energy will radiate all around our bodies and out into the world. It has been proven that the energy of our heart is so powerful and can make a huge difference to others. 

It may initially feel senseless to create art with everything going on, but now more than ever, this is the time to tap into our creativity. Not only will it bring peace and good energy to ourselves, that good energy will spread. 

This is one of the main reasons, I started the Global heART exchange back in 2011 and created a community website called Your Heart Makes a Difference. Unfortunately that website no longer exists, but we continue to send and receive postcards, using art to send that good energy across the miles to make someone smile. 


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