I have been having fun with my Botanical Inktober prompts so far this month and we are halfway through already!

I also posted a couple of short videos on my YouTube channel if you would like to see. More info below.

There is a hint of Autumn here in Spain, but all the flowers are still blooming, filling my morning walks with fragrance and lots of color! We have hibiscus, bougainvillea, lavender, morning glory and so much more that is abundantly growing where I live. So when I can, I’ll also be using live florals to inspire my drawing practice.

I wish the leaves here were turning, but it’s still a little early for those gorgeous Autumnal color palettes.

Morning Glory Louise Gale inktober #inktoberwithlouise #botanicalinktober

Above: A peek into my Botanical Line Drawing page in my Sketchbook for Day 4 of #InktoberwithLouise

I have also started working on a new book project, alongside the Botanical Inktober prompts and although I have not been posting everyday on my social media, I have been in the studio diving deep into flexing my drawing skills, observing all the elements of a single flower to help me understand them with view of creating some step by step tutorials.

In the recent survey I sent out (thank you to all who took time to take it, more news on that soon!), I asked if a Botanical Line Drawing Book would be of interest and 80% of you said YES!

There are quite of few botanical drawing books out there, so this next book wont be any ‘run-of-the-mill’ ordinary drawing book… I will be adding so much more to it! I’ll be sharing more as it unfolds over the coming months.

Wild Rose Dog Rose Louise Gale inktober #inktoberwithlouise #botanicalinktober

Above: My cards, Botanical Mandala and Sketchbook page exploring the Dog Rose a little more!

When thinking about Inktober, I thought I would keep to just monochromatic black and white for the prompts this month, but I just had to add some color into my sketchbook too! I have also the video camera running on some of my sketchbook explorations, so when I do have video footage, I will share on social media and also on my YouTube channel (which I am adding new life into!) I also created my VERY FIRST Instagram REEL here too!

Lavender sketchbook page Louise Gale inktober #inktoberwithlouise #botanicalinktober

Above: Lavender page in my Inktober sketchbook. The reel video is on my YouTube channel.

New Videos on my YouTube Channel!

I’d like to give my little YouTube channel a bit of a makeover and to get started, I’ll be sharing some videos of my Inktober sketchbook process.

So! If you fancy popping over and taking a little peek into my sketchbook and more, I have added a few videos from Botanical Inktober already! Here is the link.

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Youtube Louise Gale Artists

The hibiscus video (peek below) is being added in the next few days also.

Hibiscus sketchbook page Louise Gale inktober #inktoberwithlouise #botanicalinktober

Above: Sketching a hibiscus from life.