Small Wonders Celebrate the little winds every month

What Small Wonders are you celebrating for January?

Hi everyone, hope your January has been wonderful! I want to be more conscious in capturing the little wins that happen in this creative life! So on the last day of each month, I’ll be sharing my Small Wonders.

I used to take part in this practice on my old blog (I may revive the blog again!) and it was so wonderful to look back and see all the accomplishments written down.

We also follow this practice in my Big Dreams, Small Wonders class which has been going since 2011 and there is something so amazing about writing it all down. Many of you may already have the FREE Workbook and Planner I share every year. You can download your 2024 copy here:

We use a journal in the class to dream, plan and document, but I think it is also powerful to post up on a blog, social media or website to celebrate the journey.

So here are my Small Wonders for January:

🌸 Spending time to go slow and set my main intentions for the year ahead
🌸 Creating my 2024 Vision board. (I shared this with my newsletter list and will share here soon)
🌸 Choosing my Word of the Year – FLOW
🌸 Finishing my NEW Botanical Blooms Coloring Book. (sneaky peek on the previous post!)
🌸Spending time with my mum, family and friends in the UK
🌸 Going on wonderful long walks (trying to keep to at least 10,000 steps a day!) and enjoying a cup of coffee at my favorite Italian cafe!
🌸 Flowing with the season and keeping cosy
🌸 Finishing an important phase of my UK Art Studio renovations (a.k.a The Shed)
🌸 Decluttering and gathering items to donate. It always feels good to let go!
🌸 Joining The Connected Artist membership to focus on my painting again.
🌸 Flying back to Spain to spend February painting a new series of work.

I would love to know any Small Wonders you have for January. Feel free to share them in the comments below.