You may or may not know, but I am now splitting my time between the UK and Spain. So, I am creating a lovely new art studio for myself at the bottom of my mum’s garden in England for the time I will be in the UK (approx. 6 months of the year)

The shed was my dad’s pride and joy when he was alive and these past 10+ years he has been gone, the shed has remained standing (and dry!) but there is so much to do before I can call it my studio. 

Phase one is all about making it structurally sound again! It has become wonky over the 10+ years it has been left and some of the windows have fallen out. There are also gaps in the wood planks that make up the walls!

I did not want to pull it down and build a new structure as it reminds me so much of my dad and the happy times he spent here over the many summers, watching cricket on the TV, drinking a few beers (he had a fridge in the shed too!) and sorting through his many boxes of nails and workmans tools! It also has its own electricity supply in good working order.

Above is the side view and its a lovely size for what I need. Lots to be done, but thankful that the roof is in really good condition, so its very dry inside! And… warm in that winter sun.

We have managed to get the walls bolstered to be 90 degrees again and it will have new windows and wooden slats to make it rain proof! More work to be done in March and April and hopefully finish in early May!

Here is an update video I posted on Social with a little peek into the garden and where things are with the renovations!

I will keep you posted on the shed project! How about you? Where do you create at the moment and do you have big dreams about a different type of space? I would love to know. Please leave me a comment below.