I’ve had lots of lovely followers message me asking questions about my books recently and a lovely flurry of book sales! (THANK YOU)

And with my Draw and Paint Botanical Motifs class being on sale for only $39.99 here, I thought I would share some inspiration for motif play which is included in Chapter 4 of my Botanical Mandalas book and also my class: Ep2 Draw and Color Botanical Mandalas here

Note: If you fancy diving right into how to Draw, Color and Paint Botanical Mandalas, I have a lovely bundle offering here. (4 classes for 25%, so off essentially 4 classes for the price of 3!

Free pdf download – Motif Play!

This exercise is great fun to get to know mandala frameworks and how different your mandala designs can be with a small selection of botanical motifs!

So if you already have your own botanical motifs, gather your motif sketches and drawings. Take photocopies of at least 4 different types of your motifs so you have at least 8 of each. Cut them out and have a play with adding them to each template to get a feel for how they can look so different. This is a great way to plan out your designs if you want to!

The free pdf below also includes some of my own botanical motifs, so you can use them to play with too!

Share your play photos with me on Instagram if you wish tagging @louisegale and @botanicalmandalas  and then I can comment!

Download this exercise pdf for your Motif Play! Includes: 

  • Introduction from me.
  • Motif Play Mandala examples.
  • 6 different Botanical Motifs for you to print and play with.
  • 5x Blank Mandala Frameworks.


Draw and Paint Botanical Motifs. 

This class is near and dear to my heart as it was the first one I created as part of the Botanical Mandalas Masterclass series! I also worked on the 100 Day project creating a deck of botanical motifs to inspire me in my mandala work!

Imagine surrounding yourself with pretty flowers and capturing their beauty in your own unique drawings and paintings.

A motif can be described as a decorative image or design, especially a repeated one forming a pattern and Botanical Motifs are exactly what I create to use as inspiration for my Botanical Mandala artwork!

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In this class, I show you exactly how I capture 🌺blooms, 🌻stemmed flowers and 🌿leaves in a variety of materials so you can also create your own gorgeous botanical artwork and mandalas! This class is perfect for beginners or those of you looking for inspiration for your mandalas!

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to use simple and detailed line work to create beautiful black and white motifs
  • Techniques using watercolor, inks and gouache to paint colorful expressive blooms, stemmed flowers and leaves
  • Various ways to observe nature to capture its beauty and create motifs from a single flower
  • How to create a deck of inspiration cards
  • How to create fun, interesting backgrounds for your botanical drawings and paintings
  • How to create pretty mini nature art paintings and also turn them into artist trading cards / postcards to send to friends, family and your arty friends!

This Botanical Mandala Masterclass Episode is the perfect companion to Chapter 3 in my book! All of the lessons in this class will help you go deeper into the topic of drawing and painting motifs to use in your own mandala designs and create unique works of mini nature art too!

I hope you will join me! The classroom is open and ALL of the content is published, so you can dive in now! Watch the vdieo below on the class info page here to get a feel for class.