I am SO HAPPY right now!

I am back in my Art Studio! YAY! After SEVEN months of being in a temporary home, I am moving back into my seaside apartment and have the amazing view from my Art Studio back in my life!
I have missed this view SO MUCH and I am now even more fired up to spend as much time as I can in my happy place overlooking this inspiring view!

louise gale art studio view in estepona spain

Above: The view from my Art Studio

There is still so much to do in terms of arranging and sorting all of my art materials, so I am going to be working through getting everything setup and put away over the coming months… I need to order new cupboards, shelves, curtains and so much more to get my studio back to being my creative sanctuary. Soooo, I promise to share photos once it’s all completed. If you are brand new to me, here is a little insight into my teeny tiny studio space (as it was) and I’ll be adding to this page once all set up!

Art News and Inspiration: At the Art Gallery!

If you have been following me on my Facebook page or Instagram Stories, you would have seen my updates on my art being shown at a fabulous gallery here in Estepona, Spain!

I used to show my art in exhibitions when I lived in the US. (I’ve also got a permanent art collection at the Hoboken historical Museum in Hoboken, NJ!) So it is wonderful to circle back to being part of a gallery space again. I am so grateful to the wonderful Galeria 151 for inviting me to be one of their artists.

More news on new exhibitions to come! So, YES! I will be painting large works again soon! AND a few commissions have been ordered too!

Louise Gale Botanical Mandala art and books Galeria 151 estepona

Above: My books and I.. And my cards in the background at Galeria 151.

AND! I also sold a painting! My ‘Peonies in the Garden’ painting below was from my ‘Moments in Nature’ series from when I embarked on my 100 days of painting a few years ago! It recently sold at the gallery.

Louise gale artists peonies in the garden painting galeria 151 estepona
Above: My `Peonies in the Garden` painting that sold!

Collaborative Botanical Mandala!

One of the wonderful activities I facilitated at the Gallery was to help guests take part in adding a Botanical Motif to a Collaborative Mandala! I added some of my own motifs around the canvas for inspiration and some brought their own ideas! Below is the beginnings of the Mandala!

Louise Gale Botanical Mandala Artists Galeria 151 Estepona

Above: Botanical Mandala drawing in action!

This was the brilliant idea of Caroline who works at the gallery! I have posted a few photos below from the opening of the exhibition and it was so wonderful to invite guests to learn more about what a Botanical Mandala is and help them add their own Botanical Motif to the canvas!

Thank you to MorenMedia for capturing some lovely photos!

Louise Gale Botanical Mandala Artists Galeria 151 Estepona

Louise Gale Botanical Mandala Artists Galeria 151 Estepona

The Botanical Mandala is almost finished and we plan on photographing it to turn into a coloring page for visitors AND we will be auctioning off the finished painting to help raise funds for a local charity. More news on that to come in the next month! I am excited to share!