A new month, a new lovely goal list to keep moving forward on this fabulous creative life!

I’ll be heading back to the UK in a few days, so many of the paintings I started here in Spain will be left for when I return in May!….Here are some of my goals and focus areas for the month ahead!

🌸 Record weekly videos for the new Botanical Blooms Coloring Club (starts tomorrow, March 2)
🌸 Jump back into renovations for my UK Art Studio (aka The Shed!) I’ll be sharing some updates with you next week!
🌸 Evaluating the garden area around ‘The Shed’ to get planting flowers for the summer.
🌸 Publishing on my blog again (and starting a Substack!)
🌸 Taking my mumsy out for Mothers Day.
🌸 Daily exercise which is walking and/or yoga.
🌸 Spending time with friends and family and enjoying Easter in the UK.

How about you? What are the main projects or activities you would like to work on in March?