Welcome to the Small Wonders series.
YAY to this being the first of many in 2014!
If you are new here, please check out the introductory post here (from Jan 2011)

Please join me in celebrating at the end of each month seeing all your small wonders appear throughout the year. It is so important to acknowledge and celebrate the small steps and wonders that appear in our lives and this monthly practice helps me stay on track, practice gratitude and set an intention out to the universe for the month ahead.

January – My Small Wonders this month

How I’m going to celebrate these Small Wonders:

  • Going to be hosting a Visionboard afternoon with new friends at my apt here on Sunday!

Theme of the month:

  • Easing into 2014

Favourite photo from this month.

No competition! hands down it is the heart cloud in the sky! It doesn’t look real does it!


February – My intentions and key focus areas:

  • Finding a local gym to kickbox at or do body pump
  • Finish up hosting the live session of “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” and offer as a self-paced program for the rest of 2014
  • Host my Creative Color Energy online class (starts Feb 3rd!)
  • Blog and share my work more often on louisegale.com and social media.
  • Share my visionboard and 2014 dreams and plans! (YIKES!) πŸ™‚
  • Write and record video/audio for my Spectrum lessons (program starts in March!)
  • Book flight and plan my trip to Bali for “Sacred Marks Bali” with lovely Tracy Verdugo
  • Scope out paint options to decorate my new studio and bedroom
  • Look into updating and publishing my new “Spring Clean Your Life”Β  (for Spring time)!
  • Plan out and write my new ecourse. πŸ™‚
  • Scope out an exciting collaboration e-course for later in the year.

Download your own Small Wonders sheet to fill out each month

It feels good to put it out there! πŸ™‚ Please join me by sharing below:
  1. What you are most proud of/what you accomplished this month
  2. How you are going to acknowledge these moments and celebrate
  3. If you had a theme for this month
  4. Your intentions and focus for the next month

Ready to celebrate? If for some reason, you do not want to share this month, please continue to go through the process, it’s so amazing to realize what the month brought you and what you will focus on next month.

So excited to hear your Small Wonders this month. Xx


Join me for an online classCelebrating Small Wonders is a big part of the “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” program which I run and is open all of 2014.

Vision your dreams, plan and celebrate the small wonders

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