greenpink_colorjournalpages ©Louise Gale

My green/pink journal pages in my color love journal

Today I am continuing the showcase from the beautiful work that emerged from the first “Color Energy Workshop” I ran in 2013. 

It is only $75 for the full program! More information and registration here


Today I am sharing a selection from the heart chakra energy level that we worked through.  We took part in color meditations, color love exercises, mandala creations, mixed media explorations and lots more to explore this wonderful chakra. Here are some of the gorgeous unique creations.

greenpinkmandala_Valerie Brown

Beautiful, calm and tranquil heart chakra piece from Valerie Brown

geenpink_mandala_Maria Del Valle

Simple and beautiful heart chakra meditation mandala from Maria Del Valle

green&pinkenergy_Ginny Sweetmyrtle

Green and pink affirmation painting by by Ginny


Heart chakra soul collage by Isabelle Savignac

Greenmandala_Natacha Devaud

Heart chakra mandala drawing by Natacha Devaud

Green&pinklove_Valerie Brown

Another beautiful green and pink energy piece from Valerie Brown


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Next class: February 2014If you would like to explore color, energy and how they are connected, I would love you to join me in the next session of the “Creative Color Energy” class.

Our next session begins on Monday February 3rd and is only $75 for the full program! More information and registration here