dear2014Happy New Year to you! or ¡Feliz Año 🙂

My wish to myself on New Years Eve (bubbly in hand) was to take it slow into 2014.

I am so grateful for taking this first week to quietly glide into this wonderful new year. The lovely Barbara Bizui who I took a class with many years ago in NYC, would always say the first 12 days of January are so important as it sets the scene for the 12 months of the year to come.

Many years ago the Bulgarian master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov told me that the first 12 days of January represent the whole year. January 1st stands for the month of January, January 2nd stands for February, and so on. By practicing loving kindness, openness, and generosity while giving thoughtful attention to the significance of each day, you will consecrate the coming year.’ Barbara Bizui


So, after arriving back in Spain on January 6th with my mum, we have been clearing, smudging and sorting after all the building work that took place (piccies on that to come soon) and enjoying this gorgeous winter sun we are so fortunate to be basking in.

Watching the sunrise each morning over the ocean, feeling it’s warmth on us in my new art studio, watching the tiny fishing boats float on the water, taking walks on the beach and consciously taking notice of every detail and moment.

Setting the scene for the year to come.

I am also consciously traveling along with all the lovely participants in my new 2014 Big Dreams, Small Wonders class which just started this Monday! and we are currently saying goodbye to 2013 and clearing some space for an amazing 2014. {Registration is still open here if you would like to join us and bring a friend for FREE}



Before I dive into my 2014 journal, word of the year and goals and all the wonderful tools and rituals this new year brings, I wanted to slow down, take time for myself and write 2014 a little love note to welcome it in. I took some of my favourite hand-made paper and wrote a note to paste into my 2014 journal.

Dear 2014, I am so happy you are here. I welcomed you with a glass of bubbly, tears of melancholy from a wonderful 2013 and a knowing heart for more joyful moments and time on this planet.

This brand new year feels all so new and shiny and I promise myself to take it slow this year, so thank you for a calm and quiet hello.

A new year, a new beginning, so excited to be continuing on with this amazing journey called life. Last year was wonderful and I thank you universe for all that it brought my way.

What intentions do I have for this year? To calmly and quietly step into it. To slow right down, to flourish doing all the things I love to do, to take on less – create with an open and loving heart, spend time in nature, learn and grow myself, connect with me, my friends, family and the world around me.

2014, I know we will get along, you and I. I intend to seek and notice the beauty all around, moment by moment. To savor each precious one, the highs, the joys and take on any challenges you may send my way, knowing everything happens for a reason. The ebbs and flows, the dance of life is what makes it unique.

I intend to catch myself when I start putting too much on my plate, be gentle with myself, not feel that urgency to ‘keep up with others’ in classes I am taking or feeling doubt creep in on where I think I ‘should be’ in my life or creative journey.

I am overjoyed with the choices I have made in my life right now. The pace, the quietness, the connection, energy and sunshine. The ocean, sand, going barefoot, the bliss of life itself. My new studio and my home, creating a more nurturing and calm space to be in.

And for all of us, 2014…. who are here to travel along this year with you, I send a wish out into the world for us all to know we are the creators of this, our life, we have big open hearts to love and be loved and that kindness and connection above all is what is needed.

Live, laugh, love each moment and 2014, I hope you fill each and every heart with hope and joy along the way.


Wishing you all a wonderful start to the year and I cannot wait to travel and continue our journey