Color wheel studies from my own color love journal

It’s  just 2 weeks until the next “Creative Color Energy Workshop” WOOHOO!

I am so moved and inspired by the beautiful community and work that emerged from the first “Color Energy Workshop” I ran in 2013. What has warmed my heart more than anything is the energy of community, support and friendships that developed. Even now the facebook group is continuing to share color inspiration and work and I thank all that took part in the class – You all inspired me so much!

I would love to share some of the beautiful creations that came out of working through the chakras and color energy meditations and exercises over the next week or so.

Our next session begins on Monday February 3rd and is only $75 for the full program! More information and registration here


In this first showcase I wanted to share the beautiful color wheel explorations and mandala’s that a few students created, who have kindly given me permission to share their work here. In week one of class, we explore the color wheel and introduction to color itself with some theory and loosening up exercises. Here are some of the gorgeous unique creations.

1.colorwheel2_Maria Del Valle

“It has been great to learn many things from Louise and share it with great people. The combination of creation + meditation has been awesome!”

The beautiful “I feel” Color Energy wheel by Maria Del Valle


1.colorwheel_Rachel Fell

Rachel Fell’s wheel grew as she listened to the meditation.


“The class was my little sacred time of the day.”

Amazing hand-dream and colored color wheel mandala from Natacha Devaud


1.colorwheel_Ginny Sweetmyrtle

Pencil color wheel from Ginny

1.colorwheel_Valerie Brown

“I had way too much fun! The best part was that I feel like I learned a little more about my watercolors and mixing color!”

Fabulous color wheel exploration page from Valerie Brown

1.colorwheel_Rachel Nankivell

Wonderful photographic creation from photographer Rachel Nankivell


Beautiful color studies by Susan Orchin

1.colorwheel_Bobbi Jo Thompson

Beautiful and unique color wheel created with Prismacolor pencils by Bobbi Jo Thompson


1.colorwheel_Tina Hoff Coates

“This class is a must for anyone looking for an energetic way to create.”

Color wheel mandala by Tina Coates


Join the next color course.

Next class: February 2014If you would like to explore color, energy and how they are connected, I would love you to join me in the next session of the “Creative Color Energy” class.

Our next session begins on Monday February 3rd and is only $75 for the full program! More information and registration here